Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 7th – 13th September 2019

Including Black Pudding Throwing Championships, the World's Strongest Man, Planet Earth II & loads of GIN!

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships
Saturday 7th September
In what world does a whole town decide that it’s a good idea to get everyone together and throw black puddings around willy nilly? Clearly this one as The World Black Pudding Throwing Championships head to Ramsbottom once again – a competition that has split communities and families for generations. All you have to do is lob a black pudding at a pile of Yorkshire Puddings that are perched on a 20-foot high plinth. You have 3 turns to knock off as many puds as you can. It’s Yorkshire vs. Lancashire too so it might get a little heated after a few pints have been consumed. Should still be fun though.


World’s Strongest Man Tour Finals
Saturday 7th September
The world’s strongest men are coming to the Manchester Arena this Saturday so you can witness a grown bloke carry a car. On his own. If that’s not entertainment I don’t know what is.

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The Goth and Punk Rock Flea Market @ Twenty Twenty Two
Sunday 8th September
Head on down to Twenty Twenty Two this Sunday and you’ll find a flea market full of vintage and second-hand clobber, crafts, cosmetics and jewellery but with a difference – it’s all punk and goth gear. Organised by NQ Alternative, it’s basically a jumble sale where you can get some new clothes that someone else doesn’t want any more – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure of course. There’ll also be homemade vegan and veggie baked goods, homemade ethical plastic free cosmetics and LOADS more. If you’re a goth – it’ll be brilliant.


Anatomy of Mezcal with Dr Iván Saldaña @ Bunny Jacksons
Monday 9th September
If there’s one thing that they know about in Bunny Jacksons – it’s BOOZE. Every single person that works there is pretty much an expert, and if you end up in a conversation with one of them about the delights of a particularly obscure bottle of bourbon that is made by pygmies in the Tennessee bayou – tap out. You’re not going to know as much as them so just give up and eat some wings. Well, this week sees someone who knows EVEN MORE than they do – an actual booze doctor – Dr Iván Saldaña; the world authority on Mezcal. He wrote the book “Anatomy of Mezcal” and even founded Montelobos mezcal and he’s flying all the way from Mexico to talk all things mezcal with anyone who will listen. Prepare to drink lots of shots.


WoofWoofStock at Jimmy’s
Tuesday 10th Sept
There are only really two 3 jobs you can have as a dog. One is to be an actor, treading the boards week-in, week-out in productions of ‘Homeward Bound: The Musical’, ‘Air Bud 2: The Opera’ and of course ‘The Scooby Doo Monologues’. Another job for a dog is the worst as it involves being a snitch. Walking around airports smelling people’s bags isn’t exactly the most glamorous either so that’s out. Finally, (and this is the best) a job-hunting dog can become a ‘Support’ dog, and help provide vital, life-changing partnerships for vulnerable people in society. They provide advanced warning of seizures for people with epilepsy, safety and support for children with autism and independence and improved quality of life for those affected by physical disability. Jimmy’s is supporting these little 4-legged beauties with a night of live music and tail wagging this Tuesday night.

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Secrets of Planet Earth II
Tuesday 10th September
It’s impossible not to love David Attenborough and the day he dies will be the saddest day in the world. Unless he’s immortal – which would go to explain quite a lot. Before he gets iced though we can still enjoy his absolutely phenomenal nature programmes, and nothing beats Planet Earth II in terms of scale and ambition really. Award-winning film producer Dr. Chadden Hunter will take you on a fascinating journey through the hidden secrets of Planet Earth II and general wildlife filmmaking. There’ll be never-before-seen footage, anecdotes, gags and the occasional serious talk about conservation and not treating the planet like your own personal shit tip.

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From Tuesday 10th September
This brand-new musical asks the question; what if Juliet’s famous ending was really just her beginning? I mean, I seem to remember her stabbing herself at the end, after learning that Romeo had poisoned himself because he thought she was dead first. A little confusing but I suppose if she didn’t stab herself and instead decided to run off to Paris and live a new life – it would be a lot of fun. The show features some huge pop bangers including Baby One More Time, I Want It That Way and Teenage Dream, which will most likely get you up and dancing in the aisles of the Opera House (especially after a few glasses of fizz).

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OverDrawn x The Bay Horse Tavern
Wednesday 11th September
It’s back!! The city’s bestest art event is once again gracing The Bay Horse with its presence this week as OverDrawn pops in for some doodling and general artistic shenanigans. You can draw on the tables, buy local art from local artists, watch some live art and then there’s the brilliant illustration showdowns where everyone gets involved to try to win some cracking prizes. Finest’s head video guy Joe Wilson WON last time we were there so it can’t be that hard – head on down and see if you can beat him. The Bay Horse also put on some great drinks offers too so you won’t have to start painting your own £20 notes to survive the month.


New Dawn Fades @ The Dancehouse
From Thursday 12th Sept
New Dawn Fades is a play at the Dancehouse that chronicles the lives and times of Joy Division, presented by Anthony Wilson himself. You’ll also encounter an array of historical figures on stage, including Roman General Julius Agricola, Dr John Dee, Fredrich Engels, Gus Gangrene, Pete Shelley, and the Buzzcocks, in a rather eclectic production that hopes to “set the scene for a completely new and fascinating look at the Joy Division story.

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HIT & RUN and Voodoo Black present Sparkz 30th Birthday @ Mint Lounge
Friday 13th September
It’s Sparkz’ 30th Birthday this week and instead of just heading down to Deansgate Locks for some cocktails like the rest of us he’s managed to get the Hit & Run and Voodoo Black lot to put on a big birthday bash for him down at Mint Lounge. Putting most people’s birthday celebrations to shame, he’ll be joined by the likes of Skittles, Metrodome, Evabee, Bricky T, DJ Cutterz and Rich Reason. It’s a veritable who’s-who of Manchester legends and is guaranteed to be bloody brilliant. I promise.

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Gin Fever
From Friday 13th September
You can’t really go far wrong with gin. Not only is it refreshing AF when paired with ice, tonic and a slice of citrus (for the scurvy) it’s also made in such quantities now that there are about a million different varieties to suit every taste or whim. Looking for a Broccoli Gin? There’ll be one somewhere. A fan of pouring booze on your Ricicles in the morning? Why not grab a brand-new Milk Gin and kill two birds with one stone?! Well, for all fans of gin – Gin Fever is heading to Mayfield Depot this week and they’ll have over 120 different gins on offer, as well as street food, masterclasses and anything else you can think of.

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