MANchester V Food- Food challenges in and around the city

Let’s be honest, we all know that ‘one guy’ (or girl obviously) who thinks they can eat and drink everyone else under the table.

You know, that person that can finish their meal but still polish off everyone else’s leftovers too. Impressive or gross? Who knows- but maybe it’s time to put their appetite to the test and enrol them in one of Manchester’s brutal food challenges.

If you thought these competitions were exclusive to America, you’re wrong. Manchester has a buffet of tasty challenges for you to get your teeth stuck into. Think you’re man or woman enough to eat yourself to the top? Well, now your chance to prove it!

Infamous Diner
I hope you have a sweet tooth, because you’re going to need one for this challenge. Infamous Diner in the Northern Quarter models itself on a classic American-style diner, its menu complimenting the theme perfectly. Think lovely burgers, think Mac ‘n’ Cheese, think pancakes!
21 Pancake Challenge
This involves 7X3 stacks of pancakes, each loaded with lots of mouth-watering toppings. If you manage to demolish all of the pancakes in 30 minutes, they’re free of charge and you’ll even get a ‘Winners T-Shirt’, a pin badge and your name on their hall of fame- just to remind everyone of how awesome you are. And the best part is- it’s only £25! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.


The Airport Pub
If you live by Manchester airport or need to kill some time before a flight, what better way to do this then stuffing your face with far too much food?
Man v A380 Challenge!
Fast eaters needed for this challenge, as you’ll only have 15 minutes to fulfil the quota (I’d just avoid chewing to save time if I were you). Attempt, if you dare, an 8oz beef burger covered in crispy bacon, pulled pork, pepperoni, chilli beef, salami, pickled gherkins, cheese, onion rings, lettuce and tomatoes. And of course, you’ll have to manage some fries too. If you complete the impossible, you’ll get an awesome free T-shirt ad your photo will be displayed on their leader board, for all of their guests to see. You’ll basically be famous.


Shooters Sports Bar
Now, these next challenges aren’t for the faint hearted. Yes- you heard me correctly- there is more than one. Shooters Sports Bar in the Printworks has three mammoth challenges on the menu, all of which are designed to separate the weak from the real men (and women, of course). The one rule is, you have to complete each challenge within 20 minutes, and can’t rope in a pal to help you out. If you manage it, you’ll get your £25 back. Not bad!
Burger Stack Challenge
This includes 2 burgers (each with five patties), jalapenos, onion rings, fries and their famous ‘competition’ hot sauce, just to make you sweat a little more.
Wings Challenge
Now this consists of 2kg of chicken wings (that’s a lot of chicken) cooked in their special hot sauce and served with fries. Sounds easy, but that sauce will knock your head off- trust me.
Metre Long Hotdog Challenge
This is made up of 4 smoked sausages in a metre-long baguette with fries and the usual condiments. Most people struggling to manage one, so four is just barbaric to be honest! God speed!


Luck Lust Liquor and Burn
Peddlers of all things Tex-Mex and that sort of area near the border between Mexico and America where’s there is never going to be a big wall, Luck Lust Liquor and Burn have a couple of massive dishes that you can try and eat, fail and then feel like shit for a week. Their Extremos Food Dreamos features two monster dishes; the Tapout Burrito which is crammed full of stuffed beef BBQ pulled pork, shredded chicken, fries, rice & salad overflowing with sauce and heartburn, as well as The Big Juan, a wondrous creation featuring 4 patties, burger cheese, brisket chilli, crispy bacon, melty cheeseburger sauce, slaw, lime jalapeno mayo and taco sauce, all served on a bed of Bacon Double Cheeseburger Nachos.


El Capo
Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the crew at El Capo have created a giant 24 inch burrito for you to try and conquer all on your own or with some of your hungry mates. You get a choice of fillings to be expertly slipped inside this monster, with a final flourish of beans, salsa and guacamole on top. If burgers are more your thing, the Big Ass Chilli Burger will be right up your street. Standing at 8 inches high and coming piled with chilli, cheese, jalapenos and loads more – even the hungriest, greediest, most competitive person you know will probably struggle.


Jack’s Smokehouse
Jacks Smokehouse in Oldham has not one, not two, but five insane eating challenges for you all to sink your teeth into. Their ‘Man V Jack’ part of the menu lays out the score- finish the challenge, and you’ll get your meal for free. Doesn’t sound too hard does it? Well, the chances of you finishing are, let’s just say, slim!
Jacked Up Wings
If you manage to finish 8 crispy chicken wings, drenched in hot sauce made from the world’s spiciest chillies (holy f***) in just 15 minutes, you’ll get to burn your mouth and internal organs for absolutely free!
The Bad Boy Burrito
Want to get your hands on a giant Burrito? Erm, of course you do! To win the challenge, all you need to do is demolish a massive burrito filled with chicken or pulled pork, topped with rice, fries, smoky beans, nachos, onions, jalapenos and peppers. Oh and let’s not forget 4oz’s of guacamole and super spicy salsa- all in 40 minutes. Prepare for a food coma guys…
Take The Bull By The Horns
This next challenge is not for the faint hearted. Only attempt if you’re prepared to eat a monstrous 40oz steak, mac & cheese, double fries and some slaw. Trust me, there’s a lot at steak. Well, 45 smackers to be exact…
*Please note that Jacks Smokehouse require 24 hours’ notice for all of their challenges



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