Top 5 Pet-Friendly Apartment Buildings in Manchester

The human race has always loved pets, but now so more than ever and what’s more is it is becoming increasingly easier to have them in our lives.

I remember my Irish setter Hamish coming to visit me and my parents awkwardly waiting outside a bar and their disbelief when I told them that most places to eat and drink in Manchester are totally pet-friendly.

It is now totally normal, if not expected, to have some kind of office dog and to see a cat or rabbit bouncing around an apartment is a common sight when you’re over for pre-drinks.

There are a lot of flat buildings that are getting on this trend too in Manchester and Salford who have built apartments that are 100% pet-friendly. Here are a couple of our favourites…

The Edge, Salford
Located in the heart of the City Centre (well, just over the river in Salford) is The Edge which is one of the nicest places to live in the whole of Manchester and a fabulous location close to Deansgate. Not only are the apartments roomy and flooded with natural light, but they are also totally pet-friendly too much means you and your moggy can live in the most stylish gaff in town.


X1 Town Hall
These Town Hall flats are the very definition of modern living right in the centre of town. Just because you opt to live in the city centre doesn’t mean you should have to give up your right to a dog, a cat or some kind of rodent to keep you company after a long day of work. The X1 flats at the Town Hall location are in the heart of it all and extremely stylish that is just screaming out for some kind of white, hypoallergenic angora rabbit bouncing around to complete the look of inner-city life.

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Clipper’s Quay Salford
Located in the heart of Salford is Clipper’s Quay which is named after the Clipper ships that used to transport tea and gold between the US and Salford which used to moor just outside where the apartment are due to stand 100 years on. Clippers Quay is home to all the mod cons including a beautiful resident’s lounge and co-working space and some charming gardens for you and your pet to play in outside.  There are fantastic links into Manchester City Centre which you can walk to in about 45 minutes as well as a fantastic selection of shops, bars and restaurants just on your doorstep to show off your doggo (or cat, guinea pig, rabbit or parrot)

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The Slate Yard
You and your furry friend need not part if you get in with The Slateyard.  Not only is this block of flats lovely, but this city centre dwelling was the first to say YES to allowing your pets to come live there too. You and your companion will be able to happily settle in and enjoy all of the perks that the stylish community has to offer, ranging from the spacious, modern apartments and a brilliant residents’ lounge, to the ability to step outside and be right in the heart of Manchester. Cats, dogs, and rabbits are free to roam, but if you are a connoisseur of something scaly, you might not be accepted so keep your snakes somewhere else, please.

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X1 Endeavour House
When I was wondering around Endeavour House a couple of weeks back I was surprised when I walked around the corner to find a HUSKY bounding towards me. You can imagine my excitement and the volume of my squeal, I’m sure. Anyway, on top of being home to a communal dining area, terrace, gym, and cinema room, these Salford flats are totally pet friendly which means you and your sidekick can curl up on an evening and watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective in the onsite cinema and then stroll straight into the heart of Salford and walk your doggo (or cat) along the quays. What more could you want?

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