Albert’s Schloss

Bavarian style beer hall with a sophisticated twist, German food and pilsner beers on tap and in bottles

Albert’s Schloss is Manchester’s first Tankovna, serving the freshest Pilsner this side of the Danube. Add to this, 10 heritage brews on the taps, Alpine cocktails, homemade Schnapps, an uber wine list and… well, you get the picture. A textbook Alpine Bier Palace that would make any German proud.

Pretzels, doughnuts and cinnamon knots are freshly made every day in the Schloss’s very own bakery. Albert’s Cook Haus serves up rustic, simple and fresh Schloss nosh all day long.

The fodder is befitting of a country manor with more than a subtle Bavarian vibe. The more authentic fayre has some with incredible names (that really have to be shouted) such as ‘SCHWEINSHAXE’!? (pork knuckle).

Keeping things slightly more real are the cracking steaks, heavenly burgers and seasonal specials together with fancy pants Bavarian flatbreads, sausages and schnitzel.

Schloss also play host to a range of gigs, DJ’s and other live music as well as a Kunst Kaberet weekly with performances which certainly verge on risque.





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