A Week at Black Dog Ballroom

There is something for everyone at Black Dog Ballroom- whether is ts boozy brunch with your Mrs or watching the footie with the lads on the weekend with a few drinks and all the junk food you could ever dream of.

Monday: 50% off Food
Monday’s are pretty depressing, and that is a fact. I know you’ll be tempted to polish off a couple bottles of wine whilst trying to remember the weekend’s antics, crying Bridget Jones-style, but that isn’t the way to relieve your Monday blues – I speak from experience. Instead of weeping into a sad takeaway – pop down to the Black Dog and enjoy 50% off all food. From classic Manchester burgers to artisan Pizzas, Black Dog is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.


Tuesday: Pizza Twosdays
Who doesn’t love pizza? And, who doesn’t love pizza that little bit more, if that’s mathematically possible when it comes in at half price? Every Tuesday at Black Dog NWS and NQ you can tuck into 2-4-1 pizzas, so they come in at £6 each. What’s not to love? Chow down on classic toppings like pepperoni or mushroom, or step into the unknown with more adventurous toppings such as the cheeseburger or my personal favourite, the 6 Cheese – swimming in mozzarella, parmesan, jack, cheddar, goats cheese and gorgonzola. In reality, it’s a heart attack on bread, but when it comes at half the price, I am completely powerless.


Wednesday: Free Pool
Unleash your inner Paul Newman, or rather don yourself a snazzy waistcoat and channel the John Virgo inside of you to take full advantage of Black Dog’s Free Pool Wednesday’s. They’re famed throughout the city as some of the best places to play a bit of billiards, so why not get involved and knock a few chunks of resin around a bit of felt while chatting bubbles with your mates over a few wet ones. All you need to do is buy a drink (or round) and you’ll get a free hour of pool. Easy peasy.


Thursday: Decks Appeal
Thursday is the new Friday, which in 1973 became the new Saturday. Sunday is due to become the new Monday around 2019, while Tuesday will always be a bit rubbish (except for the pizza). To celebrate this well-overdue shuffle of the Gregorian calendar, Black Dog Ballroom NQ have added a new night to their very busy week with Decks Appeal every Thursday. From 10 pm until 4 am, legendary DJ Gareth Brooks will be banging out some of the best hip-hop, RnB, disco and reggae to ensure that your Friday will be completely ruined and you’ll be in the pub again by lunchtime.


Friday: Fizz Face Fridays // Juicy
It’s the end of the work week and if you are anything like me, the only thing on your brain will be booze. Luckily for us, Black Dog Ballroom is the place to be from 5 pm until you black out at 10 pm. Things are always better with a bottle of bubbles in hand, so start things off with their Fizz Face Fridays. £12 bottles of Prosecco, £3 glasses or £30 bottles of champagne (if it’s close to payday). After you are fully charged with fizz, get down to the best Hip-Hop, RnB and garage sound with Juicy pumping away late into the night in the NQ.


Saturday: Bottomless Brunch // Footy
Sure, you are feeling slightly fuzzy-headed by now, but did you know that the only scientifically proven cure for a hangover is painkillers, breakfast food and more booze? That’s a fact. Between 12-4pm on Saturday and Sunday, you can tuck into any dish form the brunch menu and bottomless selected drinks from £25. I will always go for the chicken and bacon waffle smothered in maple syrup and enough prosecco to sink the HMS Belfast. Stay on to watch the football matches or come back later in the evening for a little dance and a couple more bevvies.


Sunday: Unlimited Wings
Have you ever wondered how many chicken wings you can eat in one sitting? I have. In fact, I think about it quite often and often lose sleep thinking about just that conundrum. I think the number lies somewhere between 40 and 55, but I guess there is only one way to find out. Every Sunday you can have a chance to see for yourself with unlimited wings for just £10 per person. Challenge accepted.



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