666 Sundays at Cane & Grain – 18 Wings for £6.66

As a kid Sunday was the worst day of the week. You’d just spend all day feeling ill at the prospect of school on Monday, and as soon as Heartbeat came on you knew it was only a couple of hours until you had to go to bed and be up – putting on your uniform and frantically finishing your homework.

Well, Sunday as an adult feels very similar – all you need to do is replace school with work. You’re usually a bit rough, and the overbearing Sword of Damocles of work is perpetually hanging over your head all day so you’re not able to really, truly fully enjoy yourself.

That’s probably why Roast Dinners exist and are so highly praised by everyone – it’s one thing on a Sunday to look forward to and gives you a 30 minute time-frame when you aren’t thinking about getting up for work in the drizzle and trudging to the office.

In a bid to help your Sundays pass with a sliver of enjoyment, Cane & Grain have introduced 666 Sundays – 18 massive lovely chicken wings for only £6.66. You’ll get 6 Kansas ones, 6 Buffalo and 6 Hot As Fuck ones – which, depending on your tolerance for spice, will either make you sweat or blow your bloody head off.

A couple of weeks ago some of the Finest team headed down for an afternoon to try the wings, and we got an exclusive look behind the scenes of the delicious chunks of chicken being made. We also decided to have a go at a bit of wing roulette with some MEGA hot ones – which I found to be particularly explosive.

Check out our video and head on down to Cane & Grain on a Sunday to forget all about work on Monday and get your mouth round some seriously saucy and seriously tasty wings.

Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033



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