New Hip-Hop & Reggae night turns up at Cane & Grain

This will be especially good news for my mate Steven who loves hip-hop – Cane and Grain are launching a weekly Hip-Hop and Reggae night up in their Tiki Bar – The Liars Lounge.

In fact Steven loves hip-hop so much that he manages to find the most obscure gigs in Manchester to go to and subsequently asks anyone and everyone if they want to go. I agreed once and we ended up at a gig by Camp Lo, which although actually pretty good, was quieter than a turkey farm on Christmas Day – leaving me to give thumbs up encouragement all night to a seriously upset looking rapper man.

I’m positive Cane & Grain won’t experience the same problems here with their Hip-hop and Reggae sessions – located in their brilliant top floor Tiki Bar, you can expect a night of rum, beers and bourbon in which to groove the night away.

The night is every Thursday until further notice, which is pretty good because Thursday is the new Friday apparently and nobody will be bothered if you come into work with a hangover – nobody does any work on Fridays anyway. Except paramedics. And Crunchie factory workers.

8pm ’til late
Cane & Grain, 49 -51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 839 7033



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