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Whether you prefer it thin and crispy, deep and doughy or *shudder* topped with pineapple, pizza’s like a lovely cheesy friend that will never let you down – and luckily our city is full of the stuff. Some like it hot, some like it EXTRA HOT and others like it stone cold out of a cardboard box the next day, hungover, wearing just their underpants. Whatever your guilty pleasure I won’t judge, here’s seven places to get a slice of the good stuff, have we got your favourite?


Rudy’s Pizza
If the queue on the outside equates to the quality of the food on the inside, then Rudy’s must be doing something right. Perhaps the most authentic pizzeria on this list and likely the busiest, you might have a little wait before you can get your hands on their famous dough, but it’s worth it. Opened just over a year ago with the aim to bring world class pizza to Ancoats, they’ve already built themselves a loyal following right across Manchester. When it comes to choose why not keep things simple, Italian food is all about letting quality ingredients shine, so go for the margherita with tomato, mozzarella, basil and a few shavings of parmesan.
9 Cotton St, Manchester M4 5BF
07931 162059



With so many new boys on this list, Croma feels like part of the furniture on the Manchester restaurant scene. They’ve been kneading and knocking out top notch pizzas since opening way back in 2000, opening 4 branches across the city along the way, as well as a few more further afield. If a proper Italian restaurant should offer the chance to enjoy a nice meal with the whole family then Croma is a great shout too, as they’re super child friendly. There’s plenty to choose from a menu that takes in all the classics, but go for the Inglese, a full english on a pizza – just don’t forget to ask for some Bury black pudding on top.
Various venues



Double Zero
Named after the grain of Italian flour best used to make your pizza and pasta just so, Chorlton’s Double Zero must know what they’re on about. In a neighbourhood blessed with more boozers than top restaurants, this place bucks the trend and, when it comes to the drink, you can bring your own too – making it a pretty bargainous option. You can find most of your favourites on the menu but if you’re going to bring your own, why not create your own too, with 3 toppings for a fiver.
368 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M21 8AZ
0161 9438980

If it’s not the most famous pizza oven in Manchester it has to be the most glamorous. The mirror ball marvel is a sight to behold, but it’s not just a pretty face, that thing can scorch your dinner to perfection in less than 90 seconds. With some cracking little salads (try the burrata it’s incredible) to accompany their tasty sourdough pizzas you’ll arguably find some of the best food on this list at Ply, but when it comes to the beer they’re definitely winning hands down. An ever changing range of draught is backed up by a solid selection of bottles, definitely the ale connoisseurs choice.
26 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DW
0161 711 0401

Crazy Pedros
File this under “I’ll try anything once… and then probably come back for more,” anywhere peddling pizzas with chips and gravy on them is crazy enough to find a place in most Mancunians hearts. Unfortunately that particular delicacy is no longer on the menu, but there’s plenty more madcap creations to explore, not to mention the city’s largest selection of tequilas and mezcals, what could possibly go wrong? The only thing for it is to go full on Mexican, get a jug of margaritas and share ‘The Gringo’ topped with pulled pork, jalopenos and tortilla chips.
55–57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ
0161 359 3000

When the rain clouds have momentarily buggered off it can sometimes be hard to find somewhere to enjoy a slice of sunshine in Manchester, but one such spot in Stevenson Square. Tucking in on a nice day at one their outside tables it all feels very continental, just like one of those by-the-slice pizza places you’ll find all over Europe. It’s easy to see why this place is so popular for lunch, you can pick your favourite from a load of delicious Italian toppings, but at 3 quid a go why stop at just one?
1 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DN
0161 236 9032

Dogs n Dough
This probably isn’t one for the pizza purists, but if you think toppings should be always generous, frequently meaty, and mostly a little bit mental then you’re barking up the right tree. Dogs n Dough is Manchester’s only gourmet hot dog joint, but that’s only half the story, they’re just as notorious for their pizzas, not least because they’ve got one for dessert too. You can pick from all the best bits of a BBQ for your pizza, but really it’s got to be the Malteasers and Mini Eggs, hasn’t it?
Bow Ln, Manchester, M2 4JW
0161 834 3996



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