14 of the Best Sunday Roast Dinners in Manchester

I get the feeling that writing this list is going to get very repetitive, very quickly. No matter. The Roast Dinner is the king of dinners and so everyone has their own certain expectations and if they're going to pay for it - it's got to be better than their mums.

Here are some of the best we’ve had in the city (and beyond), but I’m sure most people will kindly explain how I’ve missed loads out. Feel free to comment in a disappointed tone so I know I’ve done a bad job.

Finding yourself holed up in the stunning Refuge on a cold, windy, wet Autumn Sunday afternoon, you’d be absolutely mental to not want to give their brilliant Roast Dinner Platter a try, mainly because it’s one of the best roasts in the city. It might seem a bit pricey at £39 but for that you get a huge pile of roast beef, suckling pig and chicken, perfectly accompanied with all the usual mod-cons including perfectly crunchy-fluffy roasties, Yorkshires and their fantastic Vimto-braised red cabbage. I mean, just look at the picture.

The Refuge, Oxford St, Manchester M60 7HA
0161 233 5151


Bakerie and Pie & Ale
There’s a new menu over at Bakerie, but fear not – their brilliant Roast Dinners still take pride and place on a Sunday – offering their traditional ‘boards’ but with a twist. For the very reasonable £11.95 you can choose 3 of your favourite items to go on your board, which are then paired with a huge Yorkshire Pudding, loads of roast potatoes and a gravy train bigger than the Orient Express. If that wasn’t enough, over at Pie & Ale they also offer a brilliant Roast Dinner Pie – which is the perfect blend of the two best food-stuffs ever.

Bakerie Bread & Wine Bar, 45 Lever St, Manchester M1 1DN
0161 236 9014


A favourite of many an Instagrammer, the Gorilla Roast Dinner has become a thing of legend around the Oxford Road corridor – somewhere you can soak up last night’s booze with beef and dripping, while sipping on a Bloody Mary and actively avoiding the text messages of the creature you ended up getting off with last night. You can choose Beef, Pork or Chicken or their very tasty veggie nut roast – all rounded off with what you’d expect – loads of roast potatoes, veg and enough gravy to sink the Bismark.

Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 826 2998


Mr Cooper’s House & Garden
You may not have heard of Mr Cooper’s House, located within the Midland Hotel. Well, the only reason I’m saying this is because I’ve only just become aware of it very recently and so expect everyone else to be as ignorant as I. Well I’m sure that’s not the case because a few people have recommended their amazing Sunday Roast to me for this article, which they all proclaim to be probably the best in the city centre. Bold claims I agree, but the only way to settle it is to go down yourself. They have different options each week, with a choice of two courses for £17 or 3 for £21.

Mr Cooper’s House & Garden, The Midland Hotel, Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS
0161 235 4781


Brasserie Abode
When it comes to somewhere to eat a roast dinner you’d probably not like to find yourself wandering aimlessly around Piccadilly Gardens at 3pm on a Sunday, because you’re more likely to end up eating a sweaty kebab than some lovely roasties. But if you head down to Brasserie Abode, they have their Sunday Socials each week and you will be rewarded with a fantastic roast dinner, some live music and more fizz than you can probably handle. Book a table between 12.30pm and 5.30pm and for £25 per person you can get a roast each and unlimited Prosecco for 2 hours! Sold!

Brasserie Abode, 107a Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2DB
0161 200 5665


This list wouldn’t be complete without an entry in Didsbury, and although people may lynch me, I’ve decided on Volta. Sure, The Met’s offering is excellent, but I think Volta just nips it to the post – mostly because they offer a huge platter for two and because their chicken, stuffed with sausage meat is truly amazing! If you feel a little peeved off about this because you love the one from The Met – I’m sorry. Actually I’m not. I don’t care.

Volta, 167 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LN
0161 448 8887


The Parlour
Sure, there are an absolute abundance of places in Chorlton to eat a Sunday Lunch, in fact I think that Chorlton is so middle-class that their Greggs probably serves one up every week. Champion of all these options though has to be The Parlour, who’s Sunday Roast is undoubtedly one of the best in the whole of Manchester and has even won an award – the Observer Food Monthly Best Sunday Lunch in 2012, with them then coming runners up in the subsequent 3 years after. It’s still fantastic, so get on down as soon as you can!

The Parlour, 60 Beech Rd, Manchester M21 9EG
0161 862 9535


An Indian restaurant that does a Sunday Roast!? Surely not! Well Zouk get involved every Sunday with a selection of their unique roast dinners, with a little bit of an Indian twist – just to infuriate all you staunch traditionalists out there. For me I love it, there’s nothing wrong with giving the roast dinner a bit of a kick up the arse with some spice – and with Zouk’s succulent meat and spicy gravy – they’ve gone and done it. If you give them 24 hours’ notice they can do a whole stuffed lamb for you too!

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill, 5, The Quadrangle, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5QS
0161 233 1090


Favourite of many a meat lover, Hawksmoor inevitably do a fantastic roast dinner every Sunday, and although you may have to sell a lung to be able to afford it, you don’t need two of them to stuff your face with their succulent slow-roasted rump and all the trimmings. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant (and hungry), they also do a massive sharer slow-roasted prime rib for between 2 and 3 people for £80. You’ll undoubtedly come out feeling satisfied though, I guarantee it!

Hawksmoor, 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB
0161 836 6980


Albert Schloss
Cruise on down to Albert Schloss on a Sunday and you’ll experience their fantastic Sunday Service, featuring more roast dinners than Aunt Bessie’s front room as well as some cracking tunes right into the early hours. Not only can you tuck into some succulent roast meats, potatoes and lashings of veg, but they also have a gospel choir singing between 2pm and 4pm, before DJ Paulette and Will Tramp take to the decks. Their Yorkies are the amazing by the way!

Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR
0161 833 4040


Bock Bière
Sitting in Bock Bière, sipping a lovely frosty Delirium, it’s hard not to notice the huge piles of meat and cheese getting delivered to everyone. A quick inspection will reveal an extensive menu featuring some of the best sharing platters in the city. Not only this but they also have a Sunday Roast Fondue available, where you get a massive pot of Beer Bourguignon gravy and all the trimmings to dip into it. It’s a genius idea and is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon while you get leathered on mega-strong Belgian lagers.

Bock Bière Café, 10 Tib Ln, Manchester M2 4JB
0161 839 4288


The White Hart Inn at Lydgate
Located right in the sticks in the poshest part of Oldham, the White Hart Inn at Lydgate is renowned for its phenomenal food and rustic countryside setting. Sitting in here on a cold Sunday afternoon, the Pennines stretching away into the distance through the window while you chomp down on a juicy roast dinner is probably one of life’s greatest pleasures – made even better with the prospect of a dessert and a few crisp ales to wash it all down with. Well worth the trip!

The White Hart Inn at Lydgate, 51 Stockport Rd, Lydgate, Oldham OL4 4JJ
01457 872566


Bit of a no-brainer this one. Trof has been around for 10 years now so they’ve got their Sunday Roasts down to a bloody art – the good art too, not the rubbish stuff that ends with someone buying a manky, stained mattress for 10 million quid. Each week they provide hungry, still-pissed punters with a selection of meats or veggie options in which to smother in thick gravy and stuff down their throats. There’s always a great atmosphere in here, and the tunes are always top too.

Trof NQ, 8 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU
0161 833 3197


Lowry Hotel
If you’re looking for a Sunday afternoon of class, sophistication and excellent food then you’d find no better place than The River Restaurant at The Lowry Hotel. Every Sunday they rope in talented performer Kimm to serenade diners with her singing, all while you enjoy one of the best roasts in the city. You won’t need to re-mortgage your house either – for only £36 you can have 2 roast dinners and a glass of Prosecco each – which is pretty good if you ask me.

The River Restaurant, The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Pl, Salford M3 5LH
0161 827 4041



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