Late Night Eats in Manchester

It happens to the best of us. The issue is Manchester can be a little tricky place to grab something decent to eat at this time. Sometimes cheesy chips just won’t cut it. But trust me, these treasure troves of late-night eateries are out there, and they are waiting for you to stumble into.


As you will know if you have ever had the misfortune of catching the 142 bus home at 4 am after a messy night out, the Curry Mile never sleeps. Never. But luckily, it is the place to be if you hear your stomach growling. Not only are there a plethora of kebab shops for you to get your chops into, but ice cream, pancakes and fried chicken too. If you are after something a little more authentic, Camel One is open until 3 am, Spice Kitchens is open until 5 am and Saajan open until 4 am.

Northern Quarter

Pizza has to be at the top of the list for drunk-food, and you will be pleased to know you can grab a slice from Crazy Pedros in the NQ (and on their Bridge Street site) until 4 am. What’s more is that you can order by the slice as not to let your tequila filled stomach get the better of you. Thursday-Saturday West Corner is open until 1:30 to grab a little snack on your way home from those after work drinks.

You can grab a burger at Common on Edge St. until late, and if you mosey over Newton Street, the Japanese inspired delights of Cottonopolis are one of the more refined intoxicated palates. They have just launched a brand new late night menu called ‘Japanese Junk’- think wagyu beef burger bao, fried chicken, prawn cracker nachos and salt n’ pepper sweet potato fries. Yes. Please.

China Town

So you’ve drunk too much beer on a Tuesday night, and you can’t get the craving for crispy duck out of your head. We’ve all been there. Good news, China town is your oyster-sauce at 2 am, and you can chow down on crispy beef and spring rolls until (almost) dawn. Hunan Restaurant on George Street is open until midnight, while Pearl City on George Street and open until 3 am and an absolute winner.

Just don’t expect anything fancy from China Town at this time, and I can guarantee when you wake up in the morning it will feel like a surreal dream.

Honourable Mentions

Dotted around the rest of the city and the surrounding areas would be Archies on Oxford Road. They have two sites which are both open until two mid-week and until 4 am on the weekend. If you are after burgers, desserts and shakes, then this is always a cracking choice. Oh, and they plan to open on the Piccadilly Approach too in the coming months.



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