Changos for lunch

“Changos is the result of a hungry hombre’s travels to Mexico, in the hope of bringing back a tasty, healthy, fast food recipe book to the North of England.”

Last week I ventured once more to Changos on Oxford Street (which I only realised recently is not Oxford Road but is that little bit at the end of Oxford Road between the Palace and St Peter’s Sq) anyway.

Having recently travelled across Mexico and experienced its cuisine at all levels and at all heats, by which I mean Salsa Picante (hot sauce) to the max, I was more than prepared when the guys at Changos invited us along to try out their new sauces.

The premise is simple enough, pick your meal (Burrito, Solo Burrito, Burrito Salad, Athletico Burrito) and fill it with all the wonders of Mexico. I went for the Solo Burrito – which is all the goodness without the flour wrap. Interestingly in Mexico the tacos, Burritos etc are corn flour as they are not big wheat eaters.


Hot sauce wise I went for FLAMETHROWER. It was the 1 down from the top in heat level and I can highly recommend it if you want to get some nice heat and flavour but don’t want to spend 20 mins trying to catch your breath. I also went for a Mexican Jarrito Mandarin which is a great drink, like an Ice Tea but a bit sweeter.

Nachos and Guacamole is a must, I really developed a taste for Guac’ in Mexico and Changos doesn’t disappoint.


I like Changos, I really enjoy my lunches there, it feels more local than it’s hughstreet chain like ‘rivals’ – the queue out the door might also suggest it’s a tad better, I certainly think so.



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