A Week at Dogs ‘n’ Dough

Okay so Dogs ‘n’ Dough doesn't open until Wednesday so on Monday & Tuesday you'll have to twiddle your thumbs and catch up on Eastenders. Once they unbolt those locks and let you in though there's enough going on to keep you happy (and full) for weeks after.


Every Dog Has Its Day – Half Price Hot Dogs
With a menu consisting primarily of Hot Dogs and Pizzas, Dogs ‘n’ Dough definitely know their stuff when it comes to sausages. They use 100% beef frankfurters made from rare breed beef, but they also have pork and veggie sausages available too. Cruise in on Wednesday and you can get yourself half price dogs all day and there’s a few I can wholeheartedly recommend. Enter The Dragon includes Salt & Pepper Chicken, Char Sui Crackers, Spring Onions and Sriracha and it’s an absolute beaut. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a meat overload – give the Farmageddon a go which comes topped high with Pulled Beef, Pulled Pork, Crispy Bacon, Fried Chicken and Chilli Cheese. It’s only £5.50 with the Half Price deal so perhaps get yourself two?


The Slice Is Right – Half Price Pizza
The other side of the Dogs ‘n’ Dough menu comes into force on a Thursday when they offer half price pizzas all day. There’s plenty of winners to choose from including their brilliant Mac & Cheese number and the classic Pepperoni. Top of my list would be The Pig Lebowski which comes with Pulled Pork, Crispy Bacon, Smoked Ham and that American Deli Mustard that everyone loves. Oh, and the Passage to India one is great too because it’s got poppadoms on it.


50% Off Food between 12pm & 4pm
Once again, you’ve got a lovely bit of food deal action on Fridays, with 50% off all food before 4pm. Perfect for a bit of lunch action, it makes sense to get yourself a big table full of hot dogs, pizzas and sides and just go mental. It’s time to embrace the sides and there are so many good ones that you’ll probably end up getting them all. Their Beer Battered Pickle Ricks are perfect when enjoying a lovely cold pint of Big Wave, and their Pork Crackling is excellent. Mostly because of their super-special Salt & Pepper seasoning which is made by a bloke called Uncle Rick and is actually better than crack.


Happy Hour at 17 Below
Pop into DnD for a drink on the weekend and I suggest you head on down to the hidden 80’s bar 17 Below for their brilliant Happy Hour. Between 5pm and 8pm cocktails are only £5 and they have a brilliant selection available. My personal favourite is the Fistful of Quarters, which is a punchy mix of Rum, Gingerbread, Raisin and Almond. It’s very moreish and you could probably bash down around 6 of these while trying to beat the high score on Donkey Kong. Which is really, really hard by the way.


Make Your Own Soda Cocktails
There’s usually not much else to do on a Sunday apart from eat too much, drink too much and watch Heartbeat after a bath. So, if you find yourself in Dogs N Dough on a Sunday you might as well do all three, but just replace Heartbeat and the bath with watching Teen Wolf. They’ve got a brilliant selection of American sodas available, which you are highly unlikely to find anywhere else in the city. The Pepsi Cherry Vanilla is amazing with some spiced rum, and the Fanta Grape is a winner with some vodka. They also stock Virgil’s Orange Cream Soda which is perfect for an Ice Cream Float with a bit of booze thrown in. If you can’t be bothered thinking (it is Sunday after all), just go for their Bourbon, Banana, Peanut Butter and Bacon cocktail and you’ll be set.


Dogs N Dough, 17 Bow Ln, Manchester M2 4FW
0161 834 3996



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