Whim Wham Cafe

‘An epicurean eatery and gin saloon’ Located in one of the railway arches (built 1849) The Whim Wham Cafe is the latest addition to Whitworth Street West.Run by couple Alix Walker and Jessica Naven, the cafe is an independent business which strives to furnish its customers with a taste of local, regionally sourced and artisan produce accompanied by an impressive selection of bottled ales and lagers, wines and their own gin saloon cocktails alongside a classic cocktail menu.

Alix and Jessica have a focus on local bottled ales, British lagers and a growing selection of the finest British beers. Currently stocking – Red Willow (Macclesfield), Beartown (Congleton), Dunham Massey, Innis & Gunn (Scotland) and 2 premium British Lagers – Saint and Freedom Organic Pilsner

The ethos on eating is ‘Slow food is fast food!’ The menu focuses on regional cuisine with house favourite a Lancashire Hot Pot and Whim Wham’s own slow poached mackerel (3hrs in an apple, horseradish and Worcester sauce liquor) and apple beetroot salad. The British cheese and meat platters feature thier own chutneys and parfaits alongside great artisan produce from the North of England such as – Cumbrian Parmer Venison, Wild Boar Ham and Venison Salami.

On weekends the offering is something a bit different – Sunday Specials include… Roast Roe Venison – Wild Rabbit, Tomato and Tarragon Stew – Best Welsh Lamb Shepards Pie– Butternut Squash, Spinach and Butterbean Casserole with Tarragon Yoghurt and our Spring Veg Bake. Entertainment is also on offer each week. Weekends rotate between The Hatstand Medicine Band, live vocalist Laura Aural (Jazz/Blues) and various other great local troubadours. Accordians, double bass, banjos and harmonica styles.

Whim Wham will be rolling out events over the coming months for guests to look forward to, including, Sunday Dinner dances, a British take on the Hot Dog each Wednesday ‘Best British Bangers’, which I personally can’t wait for, and gourmet tasting events with a Masterchef Special featuring Jackie Kerney.

In short Whim Wham are genuinely offering something new and I for one am looking forward to late summer evenings consisting of Gin Cocktails and cheese platters.



4 comments on “Whim Wham Cafe

  1. Keith

    Had an early dinner here a couple of weeks ago, it was fantastic. Delicious beers, stunning food and friendly folk. Can’t recommend this place highly enough

  2. Anne Louise Kershaw

    Had some delicious cocktails there the other week. The guy on the bar was really helpful in helping us choose what cocktails we might like. Loved them all.

  3. Christine

    We ate here recently and were highly impressed. So friendly, and the food was the best we’d had in Manchester for months.

  4. James Cooper

    Just been for a quick dinner. Cocktails were amazing, the food was beautiful (braised oxtail on the specials was particularly good) and well presented. The food was a little slow coming due to a cooker issue but was definitely well worth the wait. I hope more people discover this place as it is so much better than other bar/restaurants in the area. Give Gorilla a miss and walk the extra 1 minute to this gem.


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