Forsaken: The terrifying new room at Breakout

The traditional Cabin in the Woods is a brilliant horror movie trope which has managed to successfully scare the pants off people for hundreds of years.

Stories of creepy old women, ghosts or zombies terrorising anyone unlucky or stupid enough to take a trip into the dark unknown manage to instil a deep feeling of unease within most people – something films like Evil Dead and The Forest have managed to capitalise on very successfully.

The fear of the unknown, being somewhere where you are a hundred miles from safety is therefore the perfect scenario for Forsaken – the new and genuinely chilling room devised by Breakout Manchester.

As you take your first step on the porch of the old cabin, fog slowly floating around the trees outside, you get that sinking feeling that you’ve made a big mistake. You’ve been invited here with your long-lost Uncle, hoping to reconnect with the family.

With this invitation, you begin to realise things aren’t exactly as they seem. You’re here in this sinister place and are now involved in a ceremony you never wanted to be part of.

If you can manage to contain your fear, it should also be noted that Forsaken includes the use of religious and satanic symbols and references throughout as well as a version of a Ouija board.

As the 13th room in Breakout, Forsaken is sure to provide you and your friends with the perfect fear factor experience, one which you are unlikely to be able to forget any time soon.

Forsaken opens on 19th May but is available to book now!

Breakout Town Hall: 14 a Brazennose Street, Manchester M2 6LW
0161 839 8012

Breakout High Street: 36 High Street, Manchester. M4 1QB
0161 222 8765



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