Brutus Gold is Back with Love Train at the Ritz!

Anyone who was at University in Manchester before 2008 is sure to remember Brutus Gold’s Love Train – one of the cheesiest, but also best-est nights of the week.

Every Wednesday saw a gang of 70’s clad dancers descend on The Ritz and put on a brilliant show, entertaining an absolute shit load of students while they drank Smirnoff Ice and Reef while trying to desperately get off with each other.

Well, Love Train is back – and so this Friday you can grab your flares, press your big collared shirt, and wear your sunglasses inside without anyone thinking you’re a prick. Tickets are still available and you can buy them here:


See you there!

Brutus Gold’s Love Train Royale’s & Ritz Reunion
Friday 23rd June 2017

The Ritz, Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5NQ
0161 714 4140



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