Nanny’s Big Weekend

The Mid April Manchester Weekender isn’t really a thing but with The Red Bull Music Academy and World Record Store Day both goin’ on this weekend you could be forgiven for thinking it was. Rather than a top 5 here’s a where I’m hittin’ up, in chronological order and everything, irie.
Friday Night: Industrial City Sounds
For starters, Sankeys, OI OI! this one looks pretty tasty for all you techno bods out there. The veteran Derrick May takes headline spot on a line up that will keep your head noddin’ all night long. Also on the bill is Surgeon which definitely adds a bit of spice to this rather large line up. With additional acts Happa, Acre, Tin Man and Dana Ruh it looks like a top way to start off the weekend’s antics. Reminder to one’s self, don’t stay out all night.
Saturday afternoon: Red Bull Music Academy Radio

I don’t know how this is going to work but Red Bull radio is being broadcast from Soup Kitchen on Saturday afternoon. Loads of Manchester established and up and coming talent are due to grace the stage/mic/studio/whatever they use. Will be something different so try and get down if you can.
Saturday late afternoon/ early evening: Eastern Bloc Records, World Record Store Day In-store

World Record Store Day is happening on Saturday and to celebrate Eastern Bloc Records in Stephenson Square are hosting a load of top notch DJs for an in-store special. The likes of Danny Drive Thru, DJ A-UP, DJ Chini and myself will be just a few of the acts on selection duties until around 8pm (maybe later). There is also the promise of some special guests and with so many top DJs knocking around the city this weekend, you never know who could show up. Previous years have seen the masses pour out into the streets and you get a pretty varied crowd. So whether you’re a chin stroking tech house wanker, a super-cool gold chain wearing hip hop guy or just a really horrible Drum n Bass scally, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in town.
Saturday Evening:  Eastern Bloc Records, Record Store Day After Party

After the in-store is over it’s time to scramble across the Northern Quarter to The Blue Pig for drinks and general chit chat. It’ll generally be loads of music people chin wagging about tunes and stuff, comparing record collections and getting on it. Eastern Bloc residents providing the beats with help from Mark Turner and Moid. All going off from 9-1am.
** Kebab interval **
Saturday Night: Red Bull Music Academy, Zed Bias And Friends
Its kind of hard to write that without Wigfield springing to mind. If still standing, I’ll be getting a tetanus jab and braving a trip to Antwerp Mansion to check out Zed Bias And Friends where breaks and beats mostly based around the grime/garage/dubstep genres is one the cards. A real stonker of a line up including Akkord, Paleman and some Manchester’s biggest boys. Definitely one worth missing Match Of The Day for, Sky Go init.

Theres loads more that I haven’t mentioned going on. More info can be found here



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