The Carpels

A live show should be the lifeblood of any decent rock band, and guitars their calling card. But in an over-complicated age these two attributes are often seen as equally important when compared with image and connections, whereas really it should be all about the talent.

Of course getting signed to Jon ‘The Charlatans Dummer’ Brookes’ One Beat Records, and impressing the likes of Sunday Best-man Rob Da Bank and BBC stalwart Mark Radcliffe are sure fire ways to move in the right musical circles, but there’s a lot more to The Carpels than that. Which is good, because the Birmingham band have a fair bit of buzz surrounding them at the moment.

That’s in part due to a recent riotous set at the notorious Queen of Hoxton in London, during which the outfit displayed the power of their riffs and deft strumming skills for all to see. Now the relevance of the opening paragraph is clear there’s little else to say so letting the music do some talking for a change seems like a good option. See what you think, this is Handshakes, and it’s out on August 21st.



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