Confessions of a Bartender: Brasserie Abode

You may be disappointed to learn that this new video series unfortunately doesn't continue the raunchy tales of Timmy Lee and his sexual experiences with bored housewives and his mum's mates.

If you’re looking for that kind of stuff then I’m pretty sure you can get Confessions of a Window Cleaner online somewhere – well, so I’ve heard anyway.

No, this is our new series looking at the people of Manchester and exploring their professions and some of the stories, gags, people and anecdotes that they experience during their day-to-day lives in our city.

We thought it best to start off with Bartenders – those glorious men and women – calmly pouring us that strong measure of liquor, while listening to our inane babblings with a smile. Without these people we would have to make and pour our own drinks like savages, and for that – I salute them.

Of course they also have loads of mucky, raunchy and just plain odd stories to tell, and Claire at Brasserie Abode is no exception, including Antihistamines being used for a tip, a rather disappointing date for a Spanish man and massive lottery cheques getting banded around willy-nilly. Check it out!

Brasserie Abode, 107a Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2DB
0161 200 5665



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