5 Great Virtual Events for Kids to try at Home

Keep the kids entertained for a while with live baking, raves, storytime and plenty more

By Alex Watson | 3 April 2020

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Right now I have never been more grateful to not have kids. I do not know how you saints are doing it.

I imagine you’re slowly running out of things to come up with so I’ve made a handy list of events you can easily get involved with to keep the little sprogs happy and you from pulling your hair out. Enjoy.

Quarantine Family Rave | Fever

Quarantine Family Rave
DUH. Goes without saying this is gonna be mega. There will be a DJ complete with decks, lights, smokes, UV face paint and glow sticks. Make a day of it and get ready for the rave beforehand then get ya dance on.

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Family Home Lab | Fever

Family Home Lab
Using all the ingredients you can find in your cupboards have a wacky science lesson with the kids. Maybe you’ll be making foaming volcanoes. One things for sure, you’ll be making a mess. But they’re kids – leave em be, you can get a new carpet.

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15 ways to keep kids active indoors (even if you don't have much ...

Family Fitness
Exercise but make it fun. The kids probably won’t even know they’re doing exercise. Get involved, get them tired out and pour yourself a celebratory glass of vino when they’re fast asleep. You deserve it right now.

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macro photography of different cookie cutters

Shark Bake 
I think everybody’s favourite memory as a kid is spilling flour all over the kitchen and covering your fingers in food dye. It would be a disaster if your household ran out of biscuits as well. Pasta? Meh we can cope, but biscuits? Get baking – now!

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kids in spiderman and Captain America costumes

Adventure Storytime
Get imaginative with as many props you can find from around the house to make the most ridiculous expedition as possible! We’re talking pirate ship sofas with pirate saucepan helmets. Let your imagination run wild and free.

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