5 Tips to Always WIN at Beer Pong (Everytime)

I was playing beer pong last week in Dive NQ and I'm not going to lie - I got my arse handed to me.

By Ben Brown | 14 June 2019

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If I’m being honest I’ve never actually enjoyed the game very much – for a few simple reasons:

●  I don’t go to University in America.
●  I have never been to University in America.
●  I don’t own a New York Yankees cap like Fred Durst.
●  My mum always told me not to play with my food.
●  I can’t drink beer anymore.

So the above list is the main reasons I lost. It has nothing to do with my piss-poor hand/eye coordination and severe shakes after one too many months on the sauce.

Annoyed I decided to examine how I can win every time and not look like an idiot again. I present this knowledge now to you…

Aiming & Choosing Cups
There are of course lots of ‘experts’ on Beer Pong, and one of them on the internet suggests that you should choose the cups you aim for very carefully. By choosing the right ones you can ensure that the likelihood of success is much greater. In the simplest terms, aim for the cups at the front and work your way back. If the ball bounces off the front ones it’s momentum is more likely to get it into the cups further back, instead of bouncing forward. Simple science innit.


Type of Throw
There are three main schools of thought on the kind of throw that is the best. This is because there are 3 main types of throw. There’s the Arc (a long, high, slow descent into a cup), the Fastball (a speedy, low and aggressive shove) and the Bounce (you bounce the ball off the table once, obviously). My personal favourite is the Bounce, primarily because as the ball hits the table the first time, the table absorbs a lot of the energy – meaning the ball is a lot slower and less likely to ricochet off the cups and onto the floor.


Holding the Ball
There are a million ways to throw a ball. You can do it underhand like Frank Reynolds, overhand like Freddy Flintoff or you can flick it out of your palm like some jock in Alpha Sigma Phi down the road. It seems like the most common (and fool proof) method however is to place the ball between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Just make a little trof with your two bigger fingers for the ball to rest in and use your thumb to project the ball across the table. Practice too – obviously.


Get in your Opponents Head
This advice works with any game really. Psychology is a great tool for winning and if you can get into your opponent’s head – you’ve done half the work. There are, of course, multiple ways to do this – it all depends of your opponent – so it’s a good idea to have a chat with them first (or during) to get an idea of what they’re like. If you find a useful button which you can press – keep pressing until the snap. Don’t antagonise someone bigger than you – unless you’re Bruce Lee.


Never stop drinking
This is also just as important as all the other tips – never stop drinking while playing Beer Pong – otherwise you’re just going to tense up and fuck it all up. Having a drink will keep you loose, keep your hands supple and smooth and ensure that you have the arrogance and confidence to BELIEVE that you can win. The only problem is when you go too far – it’s a tightrope between that perfect drunk Beer Pong zone and being so drunk that you can’t see the cups at the end of the table.


I was playing Beer Pong in Dive NQ where you can play anytime with a pitcher of beer or even a bottle of Prosecco.

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