Our 6 Favourite Long Reads for Isolation this Week

Including the history of Primark, Coronation Street, Parrots and lots of bodies...

By Manchester's Finest | April 21st '20

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What ever happened to The Reno Club?

Kat Lee Ahh The Reno Club. Of course, 97% of the people who work at Manchester's Finest are way too young to even remember when the club was open - never mind actually getting in there - but the Moss Side club is pretty legendary within the city (and beyond). A haven for people looking to listen to great music without many of the prejudices that existed in clubland at the time - it was well ahead of its time and is still sorely missed. Have A Read

Building Secrets: Primark

Ben Brown Who knew that Primark at the top of Market Street was hiding such a rich and unusual history. A huge ballroom on the roof? Check. Rivers and gondolas in the basement? Check. An invasion of mannequins that killed four and injured hundreds? I made that one up - sorry. Have A Read  

A look back at the Best Coronation Street storylines…

Alex Watson Everyone loves a bit of Corrie and so Alex decided to delve deep into the history of the UK's longest running soap opera and check out the best storylines from its 60 year history. There's some crackers in there - including my favourite - the Mike Baldwin, Diedrie Barlow, Ken Barlow love triangle. Gripping stuff. Have A Read  

Haunted Manchester: Oldham Coliseum

Kate Tighe For our regular, spooky 'Haunted Manchester' series, Kate looked at the rather eerie stories surrounding Oldham's famous theatre - a spot where the true meaning of actors' superstition over 'The Scottish Play' really came to life in an horrific accident on stage. Don't read this before going to bed. Have A Read  

Myths of Manchester: The Parrots of Fallowfield

Ben Brown Did you know that there are a ton of parrots flying around the parks of Fallowfield and South Manchester? Well, BB decided to go down and investigate just exactly what was going on (and if indeed there were any about). Where did they come from? Are they dangerous? Can I catch one and make it say funny stuff? All is answered below... Have A Read  

The wretched past buried beneath the Green Quarter

Alex Watson The area around the Green Quarter and Angel Meadows was once probably one of the most wretched and disgusting areas in the whole world - a cesspit of poverty, filth and human misery - home to thousands of poor workers for Manchester's many mills. Well, the problems were so bad that even today the area hides some rather tragic and disturbing secrets - so Alex decided to check them out. Have A Read