Bars, Pubs & Restaurants are OPEN AGAIN! But let's be careful out there!

Today is a monumental day for many - hopefully it all goes well...

By Manchester's Finest | July 3rd '20

The 4th July is a day when all Americans celebrate their Independence from the British. They cook endless piles of meat, cheese and carbs, drink umpteen gallons of beer, let off fireworks and generally go a bit mad.

Well, as I’m sure you’re aware – we do have a momentous moment to celebrate this Saturday 4th July. Today marks the day when the nation’s bars and restaurants can open again after more than 3 months of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This truly is a momentous occasion, and following government advice and guidelines, thousands of people are going back to work today and following them will very likely be thousands of thirsty and hungry customers.

Guidelines on safety measures and protocols are long and extensive, however, many businesses have struggled to find a scenario that works for them that won’t adversely affect takings, or indeed significantly reduce capacity.

In addition, council chiefs have pedestrianised many parts of the city, as well as allowing businesses to extend their beer gardens and terraces.

As a result many people think that today will be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions, one which will see the British public truly go crazy after 3 months of not being able to go to the pub. It’s something that we’re pretty well known for already – and so will we see it today?

Here at Manchester’s Finest we certainly hope not. Of course, we’re just as excited to go back out and get to our favourite bars and restaurants as much as everyone else is – but we, like many other people, feel that we must aim to be as socially responsible as possible.

As a media platform in Manchester, we exist to promote the independent ecology of our city, and indeed we couldn’t function if they didn’t. We exist to help businesses succeed and we’ve been tirelessly informing our readers on the opening of venues in the run up to today.

But we also need to be socially responsible and to be clear, we do not promote, condone or encourage the people of Manchester to go crazy now that the pubs and bars are open – to do so would push the country, our city and its people even further into difficulties with this pandemic.

© Joel Goodman

So our message is clear. Yes, places are open – but let’s be careful out there. We’d hate to see the streets of Manchester plastered all over the Daily Mail on Monday morning with us all being called a disgrace. Let’s do the city proud instead.