3 Plates & A Beer for £13.95: Cheeky Tuesdays @ Marble Arch

This week saw Vegan Rarebit and Fondue Fries on the menu, what will be next?!

By Alex Watson | Last updated 13 February 2020

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We tend to talk about how good the food is at Marble Arch in hushed tones. That’s not to say that most people don’t know how mint the menu is.

That’s not the case at all actually.

In fact, it’s pretty widely accessible knowledge for any local in the city centre that for some really good grub (better than just any old pub grub), it has to be the Marble Arch.

But it’s almost as if we are all gently protecting this pub like the archaic piece of history it is with all its slanted floor glory.

Things that are so precious need to be handled with care and only telling people who are worthy of eating such deliciousness.

With all that being said I thought I’d let you know about a new deal at Marble Arch that means not only can you sample some of the delicious food, but you can also sip on a schooner of pilsner, or whatever your tipple is for just £2.

Every Tuesday throughout February you can grab yourself discounted small plates, starting at £4.95 each or 3 for £11.95.

And to make it even better you get a schooner of pilsner or pint of bitter for just £13.95!

The menu will be changing every week so unfortunately if your slobbering over this vegan rarebit or fondue fries you’ll have to trust me when I say they were bloody delicious – and you should be very jealous that I got to each them and you’ve missed out.

Maybe if you beg them hard enough they can bring back the fondue fries?


Cheeky Tuesdays 
at Marble Arch

When: Every Tuesday in Feb
Cost: 1 Small plate for £4.95, 3 (and drink) for £13.95
Where: Marble Arch

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