The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 17th – 23rd August 2019

Between us we ate a lot of cake, drank a lot of booze, had the biggest burger we've ever seen and even lunch at India's Grandma's. What a week!

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 October 2019

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Rainbow Cake
Lawn Coffee
This delightful, happy and colourful number not only brightened my day but was seriously delicious. The naughty treat is filled with 6 layers of the spongy goodness that is cake, each coloured to represent the rainbow flag in celebration of Pride weekend. If you do anything this weekend, let it be eating this cake. – Alex Watson 


The Mac Daddie
Crazy Pedro’s


Goji Spritz
Cocoa Cabana
So I was invited to Ancoat’s newest, Cocoa Cabana, which I was really excited about because they are literally all about chocolate, cake and cocktails. It’s gorgeous inside so you all must go and look this weekend AND they have a sausage dog called Fred. Their cocktail menu is pretty big so I asked for a recommendation and ended up with this Goji Spritz. It was pretty sweet but balanced with the Prosecco of course, so was the perfect accompaniment to the orange flavoured truffles which I MADE MYSELF. I made a massive mess but they tasted mint. – India Morris 


Bambini Pollo Milanese
Look at the heir to Manchester’s Finest’s little face and tell me he’s not loving every bit of the pasta from Piccolino’s. The crunchy breaded chicken and spaghetti Pomodoro went down a treat, especially with the side of buttered peas. No complaints and one very happy kid. – James Barker


The Lane Closer 
Dog Bowl
Quite possibly the biggest thing I’ve ever eaten, and certainly the best thing I’ve eaten this week. Filled with 3 massive, juicy patties all topped with American cheese sauce, jack cheese, tater tots, pulled pork and lashings of sticky BBQ sauce – this monster was great! You can’t possibly think that’s where it ends though, they’ve put a mini beef burger on top. I’ve never been so full in my life, (I couldn’t finish it) – so I absolutely recommend eating this with a friend. If you have one. – Jake Hardy


at Gwyneth’s
So everyone knows there’s nothing better than your grandmas cooking and baking. Here’s what I had for lunch at my Grandma’s house when I visited this week. Ham salad – a classic, but with two types of tomatoes, radish, a green salad, BOILED EGGS (my favourite) and Gwyneth’s home made salad dressing which is always a highlight. But, of course, we all know Grandma’s don’t do things by half, so this was followed by her World famous lemon drizzle cake, raspberries and cream. Nobody will ever understand how good this cake is and how many slices I’ve eaten in my 26 years. I’m going to ask my grandma if I can publish the recipe so we can all try and recreate such a masterpiece, although she may well be keeping it a secret. – India Morris


Wolf At The Door
Even though I was supposed to be off the sauce until this weekend, the job must come first and thus I found myself in Wolf At The Door in the NQ at 2pm on Wednesday trying most of their cocktail menu. I must say that I was blown away. This truly is one of the most impressive list of drinks I’ve ever experienced – with the kitchen and bar working in perfect harmony to create some truly stunning drinks. It’s impossible to choose a favourite but I was loving CHANGES – a mix of a traditional Scandinavian spirit called Ahus Akvavit, Dry Vermouth and a pickled Jostaberry at the end. MEGA. – Ben Brown


Six by Nico
I’m not sure who Nico is but I would like to thank him personally if given the chance. I’ve never eaten burrata before. As I have mentioned previously I lie on a regular basis about disliking cheese, but I think I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I actually love cheese, especially this. Putting dairy inside dairy seems pretty odd and is a bit of an overwhelming concept to someone who buys red milk (sorry) but I went for it and have NO RAGRETS. This was served with a Green Chilli Salsa Verde, Cucumber Ketchup, Garden Herbs on a Green Tomato Tostada. Make sure you pay Nico as visit in the next 6 weeks before you miss this one. – India Morris