Weird Green Drinks, A Vegan Burger Pizza and Fondue Fries

The best things we ate and drank this week.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 20 May 2022

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Creme Soda

As toxic as this might look, this drink is bloody delicious. Chakalaka is the only place serving this little green beauty. It’s difficult to describe the taste and we’ve had too many conversations trying to put our finger on what it tastes like. I think it’s like a green fizzy refresher, you know the ones that come in tubes? Anyway, I’m beyond words for trying to describe it – just go and try it and let us know what it is. – Alex Watson


Dog Bowl 
Some really great news appeared to us that week, Dog Bowl is now doing pizzas. So for those days when you can’t decide if you want to bowl or eat pizza, fear no more you can do both at the exact same time. Bowl with a slice in your hand if you really wanna. Why the hell not? – Daisy Miles


Special Lunch Mezze
This week we got a sneak peek at the brand new lunch menu coming to KAI on Monday and it is seriously good. This meat platter comes with houmous, chicken sheesh skewer and lamb Adana. The platter is served with KAI special rice, salad and of course the famous pide. Have been craving this for my lunch ever since it’s the perfect way to get a kebab fix without feeling too full midday. – Charlotte Warrior


Fondue Fries
Marble Arch
I mean, two words that absolutely go together are Fondue Fries. Cheese and potato is obviously the best combination in the world. I wish I could tell you to pull up your socks and get down and try this, but unfortunately, this was a one time only deal. We can just pray to the Marble Arch gods that they do it again. – Petr Kaiser


Whopper Way To Make A Living
Crazy Pedro’s
It’s a new month which only means one thing. A new special at Crazy Pedro’s. This month they’ve gone vegan with a burger pizza – helped along with the team from V-Rev in the Northern Quarter. This beaut features vegan burgers, lettuce, pickles and a brand new Pedro’s invention – Kimbonnaise – a spicy mayo that will change your life. – Ben Brown