The Best Things We Ate and Drank This Week: 3rd - 9th August 2019

We ate a lot this week but we're all jealous of Joe - his beer in Barcelona looks the BEST!

By Manchester's Finest | 9 August 2019

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Bone Marrow Oysters
Hawksmoor aren’t really known for their seafood, it’s more all about their meat and steak but next time you’re in you should certainly take a leaf out of my book and grab some of these Bone Marrow Oysters – they’re the best of both worlds and are absolutely sublime. The bone marrow ensures that these aren’t too ‘fishy’ and they slip down a treat. Well worth the splurge. – Steven Pankhurst


Beef Massaman Curry 
It would simply be rude to go to Jub and not pop it in the best things we ate and drank. The generous and meat chunks of beef were melt-in-the-mouth good, flaking almost off the fork. The sauce is sweet and spicy with an amazing texture that is in that perfect spot between watery and gloop. I also have a thing for sticky rice – why is it so good?? This was an absolute pleasure to eat and I will definitely be going again. – Ellie Edginton 


Lovely cold bottle of Moritz
Barceloneta Beach
Out of Office – Joe Wilson


Pizza Nachos (with Kimbo Slice on top)
Crazy Pedro’s
The Pizza Nachos at Pedro’s are truly an awe inspiring sight. Although this picture certainly doesn’t do them much justice, it truly is a magnificent piece of food engineering and definately something you and your mates should try at least once in your little lives. Get a BIN LID of nachos (with ALL the trimmings) and then throw a FULL pizza on top. We went for Kimbo Slice because it has loads of meat on it and it’s FIT. – Ben Brown


The Slumdog Millionaire Burger
Almost Famous x Mughli
Almost Famous have teamed up with Mughil and made the biggest burger I’ve ever eaten. Made with a whopping filling of double cheeseburger has been topped with tater tots, Mughli spiced tandoori chicken and the signature Mughli butter chicken sauce. It’s absolutely sopped in jalapeño mayo and a special Jai Ho sauce; a mix of ketchup and Mughli chilli sauce. I URGE everybody to get down and try this joint venture, it’s only available UNTIL TUESDAY so be bloody quick. Let me know if you finish it because I was defeated. – James Barker 


Haddock Croquettes
This was my first time ever at TNQ and I’d now consider it a hidden gem, although I’m pretty sure everyone else knows about it. I popped down over the weekend because I was absolutely CRAVING a delicious Sunday Roast. And it did not disappoint. They have a set prance menu, two courses for £16.95 so before my (yum) Lamb Roast Dinner we shared the Smoked Haddock Croquettes. Crispy outer crumb with the flaky white fish inside these were delicious! They’re served on a bed of mushy peas and with dollops of saffron aioli. Both made to absolute perfection. – Alex Watson 


£6 Lunch Menu – Bacon Cheeseburger
Cane & Grain
I’ve got to the point now where I’m absolutely skint until pay day – having splurged all of my wages in the immediate 36 hours after the money hit my bank account. So I’m trying to eat as little as possible at lunch, to also assist with my ever-enlarging darby. I did have a bit of a blip this week though as I headed to Cane & Grain for their excellent £6 Lunch Menu. A Bacon Cheeseburger with fries for 6 sheets? Yes please! – Ben Brown


Grimsby Tea & Toast
Looking at the menu description for this one, I think it might only be curiosity that makes you pick it. Described as Crab & Crayfish Brioche served with Crab Tea. Yep. An actual tea. Gorilla have launched a supper club with 7 Brothers and 4 Sisters and the first installation sees twists on classic northern dishes. I’m the first to say northern dishes don’t need changing but this kind of creativity has to be welcomed. The tea was smokey more than anything and gave the dish a broth/soup feel. It was truly YUM and the grapefruit emulsion added the perfect amount of tang. – Charlotte Warrior.