Best Things to do in Manchester This Week: 12th - 18th May 2020

Including serial killers, multiple universes, home concerts, home theatre and Eurovision!

By Manchester's Finest | May 12th '20

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The Science of Parallel Universes Tuesday 12th May Do parallel universes exist? I'd say it's a certainty. Is there a parallel universe out there where I'm typing this with a couple of trotters and a beard of bees - yes - there definitely is. But what's the science behind it all? Well, this online talk from Dr. Amelie Saintonage will explore everything you need to know about the cutting-edge research into the 'multiverse' and how it can affect your life in the future. More Info   Home Concerts: Falyra Bloom Tuesday 12th May We're continuing our 'Home Concerts' series this week with Falyra Bloom, an artist who moved to Manchester four years ago to pursue music and partake in a music course at Salford University. Since then she's managed to create a R&B/Soul sound with her own unique style and has a passion for the soulful powerhouse sound. She has worked with various producers creating songs of different genres such as House, Jazz, and Trap. Tune In   MIF LIVE - Yandass Presents WOZA! Wednesday 13th May Part of MIF's new 'Festival in my House and Yours' series, this week sees their mini-commissions come live from a house in Hyde as dancer-choreographer Yandass Ndlovu joins Sam Arbor for a celebration of Manchester dance culture. Here's some blurb; "From electronic beats crafted in Salford bedrooms to contemporary vibes smashed together in Bury, WOZA! is a dance journey that’ll take you across the city’s music scene – all from within Yandass’s living room." More Info   World Cocktail Day 2020 Wednesday 13th May These 'awareness' days are a bit silly if you ask me. Within the space of a few months you'll have World Sandwich Day, International Sandwich Day, British Sandwich Day and then just Sandwich Day - and if I'm being honest most days are sandwich day because I bloody love 'em. Well, they're a bit better when we're in lockdown so I'll bring this week's World Cocktail Day to your attention this Wednesday. What to do? Well, you can mix a ton of ingredients together that you find lying around your house - much like that lad in that Roald Dahl book - or you can get something delivered. Deliveroo have got together with a bunch of bars, as have Highball - offering delivered drinks from the likes of Cottonopolis, Crazy Pedro's and The Liars Club.   Home Concerts: Zz, The Slept On Thursday 14th May The second of this week's 'Home Concerts' is from Zz, The Slept on, a hip-hop artist and producer from the West Midlands. He is 1/4 of the Manchester based movement ‘ROOTS RADDIX’ alongside the likes of LayFullStop, Woddy Green & IAMDDB. He is known for his witty punchlines, versatility and he’s the creative director of his own UK inspired lifestyle brand Usedtotherain. Tune In   White Lines on Netflix Friday 15th May Have you seen Money Heist? Well, if you haven't then you should - it's fantastic. White Lines is from the creator - Álex Pina and is set in the 90's - flicking between Manchester and Ibiza. It's basically a drug-fuelled, acid house-filled crime drama/comedy that looks like it's going to be the series that everyone is talking about this time next week. You heard it here first people.   Virtual Speed Dating Friday 15th May Feeling exceptionally lonely during lockdown? Single and living alone and have nobody to touch you, kiss you, cuddle you or even bloody talk to you? Well, this Friday you might as well get involved in this Virtual Speed Dating event - if only for a bit of company away from that blow-up doll you've been considering introducing to your parents once this is all over. More Info   Theatre at Home: Green Door Saturday 16th May This week we're streaming a bit of theatre - LIVE to your front room, kitchen or bedroom with Green Door - one woman’s true tale of relationship abuse, tinged with heart-warming humanity and humour. Written and performed by Ann Brown, the story delves into her own troubled and traumatic past, and hopefully goes a long way to not just creating awareness but also raising some money for abuse charities. Tune in for FREE from 7.30pm. Tune In   Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Saturday 16th May This weekend would have been the Eurovision Song Contest and people throughout the world would have been tuning in to some terrible tunes, shit outfits and bobbins choreography - all tangled together with glitter and mascara. Well, it's not happening this year, but the BBC have decided that they don't want us to miss out on anything so they're presenting a night of ‘classic’ Eurovision this Saturday. So, you can still have a good time with Graham Norton and a box of wine - it just won't be new songs.   Secrets of Serial Killers Saturday 16th May Want to know what made Jeffrey Dahmer tick? Interested in learning just why Ted Bundy decided to viciously murder so many women? Well, this online talk from expert and writer Adam Selzer will answer all these questions and more as he explores the Secrets of Serial Killers. For a tenner he'll explore the lives and crimes of many of the world's worst serial killers before looking into the psychology of it all. It might help you not get murdered so that's cheap in comparison to getting iced. More Info