Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 13th - 19th July 2019

Including bluedot, Depop, Beer Slushies, Sankeys and Skepta.

By Ben Brown | July 12th '19

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Depop Market at Hatch Saturday 13th July I recently started my own little Depop page - selling some of my old film cameras in order to make a little bit of cash on the side to spend on toffees and fizzy pop. Unfortunately, nobody wants them and I'm yet to make a single sale. I do enjoy flicking through all of the clobber though and you can do it in real life this Saturday as Depop head on down to Hatch to host a market from 11am. You'll be able to get your hands on a load of trendy clobber, most likely found in a loft somewhere and brought back to life with a quick spin in some Lenor. There'll also be a chance to chat to some people from the Depop community at 2pm as they have a press conference style panel discussion going on. Maybe I should go and find out why my cameras aren’t shifting. More Info   Sankeys25 The Festival Saturday 13th July Celebrating 25 years of Sankeys, there's going to be a huge bloody party down at Bowlers near the Trafford Centre featuring a whole host of DJ's from over the years. From the list I only really know of Darius Syrossian (because I wrote something about him a couple of years back) and The Artful Dodger - a couple of fellas who made it big with the smash hit 'Re-Rewind' all the way back in 1999. If you're into your music though you'll probably recognise many more of the names on the list and likely want to buy a ticket and dance your little feet off all night. Go on then - go enjoy yourself. Buy Tickets   Wilderness Presents: Gathering of Strangers (Acoustic Set) Sunday 14th July Continuing their 'Presents' series of intimate live gigs, Wilderness down in Withington are hosting Gathering of Strangers this Sunday. I've never heard of them but that's not surprising - unless it's Kylie or Dolly Parton I don't really know anyone - but I'm sure that they're decent. In fact, here's what the Wilderness lot have said; 'Equipped with a fast-paced yet emotive sound that seizes hold of you from the offset, this emerging act are earning a potent reputation locally and beyond.' Head on down from 3.30pm and give ‘em a go! More Info   Marquis Presents: Bastille Day at Science & Industry Sunday 14th July I have zero shame in admitting that there was some serious Googling going on when I first heard about this event at Science & Industry. In fact, the only thing I didn't have to Google was the word 'at' and the name of the bar. Let's start with Bastille Day. Apparently it's the national day of France, much like our St George's Day or Independence Day in the US. The reason I didn't know this isn't just my ignorance - it's also because I'm an idiot. So this Sunday is the national day of France and so what's that got to do with Science & Industry? Well Marquis is a French Armagnac (brandy) and so they're having a little knees-up to celebrate the whole thing. French patriotism, French drinks and hopefully some striped tops, berets and baguettes. More Info   Horace Andy Soundsystem with Blood & Fire at Festival Square Sunday 14th July Another MIF mention here and this time it's for reggae legend Horace Andy who will be hitting the Festival Square stage on Sunday night. If you don't know who he is - listen to this... More Info   Battle Royale at HOME Tuesday 16th July We've not had a movie in here for a while and as soon as I heard that they were showing Battle Royale at HOME this week I just had to include it. If you've never seen it, I'll tell you the gist now. Basically it's the original Hunger Games, but with MUCH more violence and a lot less Hollywood sheen. A class of Japanese school kids get dropped on an island and are forced to fight to the death - all so that the government can attempt to control the unruly minors elsewhere in society. As you can expect - it gets proper mucky with blood and body parts flying everywhere and I can only imagine that it looks brilliant on the big screen. Buy Tickets   DYSTOPIA987 Wednesday 17th - Friday 19th July You might think of me including this in my Things to Do as completely pointless because it's sold out but I suppose it’s always good to remind the people that actually DO have tickets that this event is this week. Which I suppose is also a pointless endeavour because if you actually do have tickets for this there's no way you're going to forget. You'll be sat on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting the day where you can walk down to the 'secret location' with your ticket in your sweaty palm and catch Skepta and his vision of the future of raving and music. So much of this is hush-hush - which is probably a good thing - everyone loves a little surprise now and then. More Info   Summer Soft Serve Party feat. Omnipollo @ Beatnikz Bar Wednesday 17th July It's no secret that Beatnikz in the NQ have started making Beer Slushies - mostly because we did a video on it this week and it did so well it made Mark Zuckerberg shit himself. It's a brilliant idea and I'm not going to lie to you - they are mega tasty too. Well, the Beatnikz gang aren't resting on their laurels as this week they invite along Omnipollo - a Swedish brewery who are famous for a collaboration they did with Buxton Brewery where they made a range of Ice Cream beers. When I was in Buxton a few weeks back I had a tin of their Double Vanilla Ice Cream IPA and it was absolutely fucking amazing. I can only imagine how good it is in slushie form. Orgasmic probably. If so - make sure you clean up after yourself. More Info   Honesty Box Day at Honest Burger Wednesday 17th July You can't beat a bit of charity and this week sees Honest Burger do something really, really nice for 3 of their favourites in the city. There's the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, Mustard Tree and Moodswings who will benefit from their Honesty Box Day - basically a day where you pay whatever you like for your burger and nobody will question you or chase you or arrest you. Of course there will be some absolute slugs who will put 10p in the box but there will also be some generous souls who will put a 20 in there and walk off feeling good about themselves. Be sure to have some of the Rosemary Fries too if you get yourself down - they're fucking fantastic. More Info   bluedot Festival Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st July A seamless marriage of science and music, Bluedot Festival is set to be bigger and better than ever when it opens this week and I for one cannot bloody wait. Thursday starts with a bang with the Halle Orchestra, followed on Friday by headliners Hot Chip and Jon Hopkins. I'm personally most looking forward to Saturday when Kraftwerk get on the stage and sing and dance like robots while shining laser beams into people's faces. Oh and a little band called New Order will be turning up on the Sunday to finish it all off by singing 'World in Motion' with a John Barnes live on stage rap. Oh yes, and be sure to catch the brilliant DJ Acid Rephlux on Friday night - someone who plays her set of bangers while dressed up as a pizza. Keep an eye out for her chilli dancers too, one in particular will be bloody brilliant (and super sexy). Buy Tickets   ShinDigger and Farm Yard Ales Take Over at Cane & Grain Thursday 18th July The brewers down at ShinDigger must have got a bit bored a few weeks back and so they decided to get in touch with the like-minded crew over at Farm Yard Ales to create a unique collaboration beer. This isn't just any beer though - it's a Summer Fruits Sour beer and I can only imagine it's bloody brilliant. As a big fan of the sour stuff you'll find me down there on Thursday drinking waaay too much and generally making a fool of myself. At least with the inclusion of the fruit I'll be getting some much needed vitamins and minerals - hopefully they will help fight off the rickets that I'm developing. Children of Zeus & Swing Ting at Festival Square Thursday 18th July There's a packed programme of FREE live music continuing this week at Festival Square and this Thursday sees a host of Manchester hip-hop legends descend on to the stage to do their stuff in front of a bunch of adoring fans. First up at 8pm is Children of Zeus who will be bringing along some of their mates including DRS, [KSR] and a few other people who have more than 3 letters in their name, followed at 10pm by Swing Ting with Fox, Lady Ice and HMD. We done a video with HMD the other day where he walked through Moss Side singing his song in one take. Watch it above and then congratulate him on a job well done on Thursday. More Info   RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park From Thursday 18th July Yaaaay! Flowers! Usually the only time a bloke ever needs to worry about flowers is when he's in the dog house and needs to pick up a bouquet from a garage forecourt alongside some charcoal briquettes and a tartan dog rug. But this week sees the brilliant RHS Flower Show head to Tatton Park once again and anyone who is anyone in the gardening world will descend upon Cheshire and show off their green fingered skills. Alan Titchmarsh will probably be there, trying to get his tongue down some poor pensioner's throat every two minutes, as well as that Charlie Dimmock off the telly. That's it - they are the only gardening people I know. Oh and the Jolly Green Giant. And that guy off the Ronseal advert. More Info