Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 14th - 20th September 2019

Including... Fresher’s Week, the Moon Festival, Chicken Wings, Mani & Dolly Parton!

By Ben Brown | September 13th '19

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Off The Square Launch Night Saturday 14th September There's a new venue in town and this weekend sees them open their doors to every Thomas, Richard and Harriet in the city with a night of House, Funk, Disco and strangely enough - Live Percussion. They've billed themselves as "a temporary independent music and culture project" so they should be bringing some rather interesting and unique events, gigs and talent to the city. It's where that place Texture used to be on Lever Street so if you fancy checking it out - now is your time. More Info   Moon Festival Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September I'm not going to pretend to know anything about this Moon Festival so I'll just skirt around the issue so as not to inadvertently offend anyone reading this. I've been told (by Google) that it's a Mid-Autumn harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people where they scoff mooncakes and look at pretty lanterns. This weekend sees the Moon Festival take over the NCP Car Park in Chinatown (the one right in the middle of it) and there'll be the obligatory mooncakes and lanterns and probably a whole host of other goodies and surprises for you to enjoy. The image above isn't from Manchester but you should expect something along those lines. More Info   Wing Fest 2019 OR Bunny Jackson's Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September Taking over First Street for the whole weekend is this Wing Fest - a festival that celebrates the humble chicken wing and everything it offers us every single day of our lives. To be completely honest you can pay the £17.50 for a ticket (which includes a lager, a bottle of BBQ sauce and a trucker hat) and thoroughly enjoy some live music and some of the UK's best wings OR you could do something else entirely. Just round the corner from the festival is of course Bunny Jacksons who will serve you up some phenomenal wings starting from just 10p. That means for that £17.50 you can have 175 wings - and there'll be live music as well. Decisions, decisions. Buy Tickets   Stretford Cider Party Sunday 15th September Another cog in the ever expanding 'Revitalisation of Stretford’ machine, this Cider Party will feature everything you could ever desire on a Sunday afternoon - including cider (obviously), street food, kid’s activities, live music, Morris dancers, welly wanglers and more. Oh and cider. Oh and a sausage van and some cheese. Basically all the things that are perfect with an ice cold cider - except the kids of course. If I decide to get out of my bed and head on over I don't want to see or hear any children, please. Thank you. More Info   Fresher’s Week From Monday 16th September This is just a heads up for everyone - it's Fresher’s Week next week so town is going to get busy AF again - especially around Oxford Road and down near the Universities and that. It also means that's there are a ton of new nights popping up all over the place (which will probably only last a few weeks) so if you fancy going out and getting off with some 18 year olds - next week is your time. Get down to the Fresher’s Fairs too and grab yourself a Little Voucher Book and some other valuable freebies too.   Boda Skins Sample Sale @ Impossible Monday 16th September Head on down to Impossible from 10am this Monday and you can get yourself up to 60% OFF some of the best leather jackets in existence at this Boda Skins Sample Sale. They'll have a ton of different styles and designs for boys and girls and if you don't find something you like I will come round your house and eat my hat. And even that is made out of leather so it'll be extra hard. If you see me there trying on something that looks ridiculous - please stroke my ego and say I look lovely. More Info   9 to 5 The Musical @ Palace Theatre From Tuesday 17th September Telling the story of Doralee, Violet and Judy - three workmates who are pushed to boiling point by their sexist and egotistical boss - 9 to 5 The Musical is based on the film of the same name that stars none other than Dolly Parton. Yes, that's all anybody is actually bothered about - because she's fucking amazing! This is essentially a Dolly Parton musical and if that doesn't make you want to run down to the Palace Theatre this week then you're a bloody emotionless robot. Or an idiot. Unfortunately, Dolly won't be making an appearance, but Louise Nurding/Redknapp from Eternal is in it instead and she has a bloody lovely voice. Here's some of my favourite Dolly songs to get you in the mood... Buy Tickets   SICK! Festival From Wednesday 18th September Now in their 5th year, Sick! Festival is an international programme of new commissions, performances, public installations, exhibitions, films and public conversations that ask the question: 'What is the value of human life?' It is explored from the perspectives of disability, end-of-life care and young people's mental health. The programme is certainly varied and from Wednesday the city will be awash with an eclectic range of performances and events. Check out their website for the full listings... More Info   One Deck Wednesday with Mani at Electrik Wednesday 18th September This month's One Deck special down at Electrik is set to feature absolute Manchester legend Mani, a man who has played in both the Stone Roses and Primal Scream and who probably has a fair few mucky stories to tell about it all. He'll be heading over to Chorlton this Wednesday with his records under his arms and a grin on his face - promising to play a night of “rock n roll, punk, funk & soul, bit of reggae thrown in for good measure…as Mr Kipling might say, exceedingly eclectic!” In case you've never been it starts around 8pm and is completely FREE baby. More Info   Yes ONE From Thursday 19th September Probably Manchester's biggest success story of the year, YES has been packed to the rafters pretty much every single night since opening and their combination of live music, gigs, cheap lager, top cocktails and street food has enamoured too many people to mention. Thursday sees their official 1st Birthday party and they'll be giving out 5001 FREE drinks to celebrate, as well as putting on a weekend of parties, live bands, DJs, film screenings and even FREE food. Oh and they'll be unveiling their 5th floor which has me baffled because I just can't think of where that could be?! More Info   Hit & Run v Funkademia x Skiddle Thursday 19th September Continuing this seemingly club night themed THINGS TO DO, I present to you this evening featuring two of the city's biggest and best promoters all under one roof. Actually, that's incorrect. Hatch doesn't have a bloody roof, unless you count the underneath of the Mancunian Way of course - which I won't because despite its numerous Concrete Society awards in the 60's - it's still just a big slab of ugly. The gang from Hit & Run (Metrodome, Trthos Mufasa, Rich Reason & Sparkz) will be going up against the Funkademia crew (DJ Khanfu and Jack Tomson) all under the watchful eye of a couple of fellas from Skiddle. It's FREE too by the way. Buy Tickets   Surco presents ~ Daytime Takeover @ Hatch Friday 20th September Oh look - another daytime event over at Hatch this week - firmly cementing any doubts you may have about the students arriving in their absolute thousands and making Oxford Road a haven for dropped flyers, poster sales and pissed up 18 year olds who have taken their freedom a little too far. This Friday sees the Surco lot takeover the shipping containers down at Hatch with their own unique (and very popular) selection of disco bangers from 12pm. There'll also be the usual selection of street food stalls, a Do As You Please Record stall and plenty more goings on throughout the day to keep you happy. More Info