Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 21st - 27th December 2019

Including a Boxing Day buffet, Fatboy Slim, the Queen and lots of music...

By Ben Brown | December 20th '19

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Swing Ting 11th Birthday @ Soup Kitchen Saturday 21st December Continuing their long run of top-class gigs and events, Soup Kitchen are still cramming them in right up until the end of the year with this night on Saturday which looks like it's going to be a corker. This event will be their last for a while so make sure you head on down, and with a line up like this - you're guaranteed a good night. I won't be backing that guarantee up with anything monetary - just my reputation. It's already down the drain already anyway. Buy Tickets   Wilderness at the Bank #5 Saturday 21st December Wilderness continue their brilliant takeover of the old Natwest bank in Withington with this, their 5th evening of live music and DJs. This Saturday sees Thelma, Mambo Jones and The Emotional Olympics hit the stage, alongside sets from Pablo Blanquito, Marley Reid and Ad Hoc Records. It's FREE, it's in an old bank and it's brilliant. Get involved. More Info   Fatboy Slim @ Warehouse Project Saturday 21st December Good old fat boy will be heading over to The Depot this weekend and it looks like he'll be bringing a sack full of festive joy and fun with him. No, he;s not bringing presents with him - just his head, his hands and his ears - the three things that have earned him some serious till over the last 3 decades. Joining him will be Eats Everything, Route94, Mele and more. The artwork is great too innit! Buy Tickets   Xmas Eve One Deck Social @ Electrik Tuesday 24th December It looks like the gang over at Electrik in Chorlton are going to be going Christmas ape-shit this Christmas Eve with a packed line-up of 'guest selectors' taking over their deck and probably playing waaay too many Christmas songs. As long as there's a bit of East 17 in there I don't mind. As usual it's FREE and should be kicking off around 8pm. Enjoy. More Info   Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December It's Christmas Day - you know what's going on. You;ll wake up rough as shit, start on the Bucks Fizz, watch Flubber on the telly, get some Lynx Africa off your Aunt Stella and then fall asleep at the dinner table while your mam chats some serious blarney. In the end it'll all end up in a big barney and you'll all go to bed hating each other just a tiny bit more than last year. Merry Christmas.   A Boxing Day Buffet @ The Refuge Thursday 26th December Nothing quite excites me as much as the word 'buffet'. Tie this in with all things Christmas and you're onto a complete winner in my book - and so this Boxing Day event over at The Refuge will most likely experience my presence at some point. With a range of hot and cold delights on offer, and tunes from legends Dr Sid and Lord Chester - it's going to be mega. It's £30 per person and it looks like there's going to be LOADS of food on offer. Buffets baby! Book Now   The Electric Chair Riot @ Hidden Friday 27th December That bit between Christmas and New Year's is a proper barren wasteland of days, random mornings and obscure evenings. You don't know what day it is and you don't care - that's usually how these things work. What better to do in these days than get absolutely hammered at some of the year's best parties? Well, you can, of course, do that here with 2 rooms, an all star DJ line up and enough sweaty, bouncy people to ensure you'll have a wonderful evening. Buy Tickets   Hit & Run presents DRS & LSB MCR Album Launch + Sinai Fundraiser Friday 27th December There's been an awful lot of music and club nights in this things to do hasn't there!? It's almost as if people don't have anything else to do around this time of year other than getting hammered and listening to music. This will be the last Hit & Run of the decade and they're using it to launch a new album by DRS & LSB - 'The Blue Hour'. It's also a fundraiser for Sinai Sound System who have had their warehouse buggered by the floods in Sheffield. Buy Tickets