Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 22nd - 28th June 2019

Including Manchester Day, LOADS of music, burgers and plenty of rum!

By Ben Brown | June 21st '19

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Gansta Granny at Fletcher Moss Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd June I don't have a clue what Gansta Granny is about but I'm presuming that if you have some form of grotesque child living in your house - you will. It's written by fat-faced idiot David Walliams and seems to be popular enough to warrant the brilliant Heartbreak Productions to put on a show about it this weekend in Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury. The weather is being a bit of an annoying little sod at the moment but I can only assume that it's going to be lovely and dry and sunny. Still take a blanket and a couple of Billy Bear Ham Sandwiches though - and a flask with some ice cold Vimto in it. Buy Tickets   Manchester Day Sunday 23rd June This Sunday is Manchester Day. That means that every single person in Manchester, whether you're from here or not must don a massive oversized parka, slip on some Adidas Gazelles and strut around like an arrogant so-and-so just to show the world exactly what it's like to be the most stereotypical version of a Manc possible. Or instead you could just wake up, make yourself a bowl of Frosties, have a cup of tea, get on the tram into town and check out the mental Manchester Day parade that's going on from 1pm. While the parade is going on you can do lots of waving and also have a chat to some of the lovely volunteers who will be there too; probably wearing sexy hi-vis vests and looking absolutely stunning. It'll be a great day to celebrate the city - just don't get too pissed up and start wrecking it. What to expect from Manchester Day 2019   Loads of Music Hello. So I don't usually do this but there are SO many concerts this week that I've decided to create a brand-new section in the Things to Do - it's called GIG TIME (with Ben Brown) ... Sheryl Crow at The Lowry Tuesday 25th June Sharing your last name with a particularly intelligent black bird couldn’t have been the best for poor Sheryl at school - especially considering her first name, tragically enough, is Sheryl. She turned it around though and became massive in the late 90's/early noughties with a string of hits including 'Everyday is a Winding Road', 'If It Makes You Happy' and 'Crow's Feet on my Face'. Buy Tickets   Eagles Wednesday 26th June It's pretty hard not to enjoy these Eagles lot. Not only are they responsible for a slew of proper classic rock and roll hits - they also look fantastic in their little denim jackets. Hitting up the Nynex Arena this week, you can see their expansive denim collection in person while singing and dancing along to such hits as 'Hotel California', 'One of These Nights' and 'Debenhams at Christmas'. Buy Tickets   Sum 41 Wednesday 26th June The nu-metal lot - Sum 41 - will be bringing their unique brand of shouting and guitar strumming to Victoria Warehouse this week. Is it nu-metal though? I don't know. And to be perfectly honest - I don't care. The only time I'll ever listen to Sum 41 is on the soundtrack to an American Pie movie, drinking a 2 litre bottle of White Lightning and eating a massive packet of Twiglets. The perfect Sunday afternoon actually. Buy Tickets   Lynyrd Skynryd Thursday 27th June Named after a bloke they met in a ditch in 1951, Lynyrd Skynryd decided to take a perfectly normal name and make it the most annoying and difficult thing to spell in the entire world. This week sees Leonard head to the MEN Arena and play such hits as 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'Simple Man' and 'I Found a Werther's in My Car'. Buy Tickets   Mr Scruff: One Deck Exhibition Launch at Electrik Wednesday 26th June TO celebrate the fact that he's been knocking about for 20 years, Mr Scruff will be partaking in a month long print exhibition at Electrik - meaning you can buy yourself some lovely art by the fella to put up in your front room/kitchen/bog. To get things kicked off he'll be getting on the deck for this Wednesday's One Deck session - blasting out his usual eclectic collection of tunes from all manner of genres. It'll basically be just like his Keep It Unreal night at Band On The Wall but on a Wednesday and with added pizza. Sounds perfect to me! More Info   Urban Gardner Workshop at Counter House Thursday 27th June Personally I don't have ANY plants in my house and I intend to keep it that way. I personally fully enjoy the vile air and mucky environment that I've curated within my walls - something only plants would disrupt and destroy. If you're a fan of nice things though then this event at The Counter House will be right up your street. They've roped in a plant expert from 'I Want Plants' who will run you through the basics of looking after your house plants to stop them dying and ruining your day. You'll get a welcome drink and access to some lovely canapés too. Buy Tickets   Harvey Nichols Rum Festival Thursday 27th June Calling all pirates - Harvey Nichols are hosting a Rum Festival this week and it looks like it's going to be a bloody corker! There'll be cocktail masterclasses, canapés and a LOT of rum knocking about - all ready for you to try and sniff and taste and digest. Tickets are a tenner and the best thing about it is that the £10 is then redeemable against a rum purchase on the night - so if you've got your head screwed on your guaranteed to be going home with a big bottle of the golden stuff - ready to be paired with a tin of Pepsi Max while watching Men Behaving Badly on Netflix. Buy Tickets   GRUB Burger Fair Friday 28th June Everyone enjoys a fair bit of GRUB action - whether it’s on a Friday evening, a Saturday day time or the Vegan thing they do on a Sunday. Booze, street food and top tunes is a simple recipe for success and something that even the most miserable sod can enjoy. Well this week sees the GRUB crew branch out a bit by offering up a super-special Burger themed event featuring a long list of burger sorts such as What's Your Beef, Nyama Choma, Wholesomejunkies and many more. If you enjoy slabs of meat (or veg) between two buns - you're gonna love it. More Info