Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 23rd – 29th November 2019

Including A Christmas Carol at The Refuge, LEGO, Mahatma Gandhi, Drag Bingo, Taylor Swift and Love Actually.

By Ben Brown | November 22nd '19

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The Art of the Brick LEGO Art Exhibition Open from... now. The Art of the Brick is a must for any fan of LEGO. It's also a must for any fan of 'craft'. It's also a must for anyone who is a fan of 'things to do'. The life work of a bloke called Nathan, he's created a rather impressive array of artistic sculptures using the famous Danish brick, most of which are human forms. He's also recreated many famous other pieces of art like David by Michelangelo and the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DA VINCI - all of which can be seen in their full glory right here. Buy Tickets   La Discotheque 3rd Birthday @ Albert Hall Saturday 23rd November It's that time of the year again when everyone in the city dons excessive amounts of diamonds and sparkles, grabs the nearest attractive person and descends upon Albert Hall for La Discotheque - the city's premier disco experience. This isn't that old disco though, where people wear flares and dance on those light-up floors - this is 1 million times better I assure you. On the line-up is Alicia Myers, Derrick Carter, Norman Jay MBE and Rob Da Bank will be bringing his 'Purple Rave' to our ears. See you there! Buy Tickets   BAB Drag Bingo Saturday 23rd November What's better than bingo? Bingo presented by a Drag Queen. What's better than bingo presented by a Drag Queen? Bingo presented by a Drag Queen with some proper good food in front of you. Gourmet kebab kings (and queens) BAB are hosting another one of their brilliant Drag Bingo events this Saturday and it looks like it'll be a corker. They sold out the last one so you best be quick with tickets. Get 'em below... Buy Tickets   The Mahatma Gandhi Statue Monday 25th November Whether you love him or you hate him (or don't know or care who he was) - Mahatma Gandhi is getting a statue in the city and it's set to be unveiled this Monday at 11am. It'll be 9ft tall and will be unveiled to celebrate 125 years since his birth. It's down near the Cathedral, that little bit near the Hanging Ditch wine shop - so head on down and check it out if you fancy it. There's more information on the unveiling right here: More Info   Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The Musical From Monday 25th November If you've seen the brilliant film of Priscilla - you know pretty much exactly what you're going to get with this musical heading to the Palace Theatre this week. Starring Strictly Come Dancing winner Joe McFadden, it's story of three friends who hop aboard a battered old bus bound for the Outback to put on the show of a lifetime. Now, I don't know who Joe McFadden is but if he's won Strictly then I expect he can dance - so that's good. My advice here is to sink a few Margaritas (the drink, not the pizza) and then head on down to the Palace and do some dancing in the aisles. Buy Tickets   Love Actually in Concert @ The Bridgewater Hall Wednesday 27th November Everyone seems to adore Love Actually - even more so around Christmas. It's many tales of love around the festive period seems to shout out to people and show them that Christmas isn't all about presents, it's about being with the people you love. That is until Alan Rickman buys that hussy in his office that piece of jewellery and his wife a crappy Joni Mitchell CD. What a pig. That’s it - Christmas is CANCELLED. Well, it will be until Wednesday when it gets re-instated again thanks to this orchestral concert at The Bridgewater Hall. Buy Tickets   A Refuge Christmas Carol Starts Thursday 28th November Once again, the team over at The Refuge have pulled out all of the stops to create a true winter wonderland - and it all kicks off this Thursday. There's a month-long plan of town criers (of which I will be one), choirs, workshops, raves, activities and more - as well as a couple of visits from Father Christmas himself. Who it will be under the costume I'm not sure - but hopefully it won't be a pissed up idiot like I had in Oldham Town Centre when I was about 7. He had me in tears almost straight away with his whiskey breath and tendency to spit when he talked. More Info   Afflecks After Dark Thursday 28th November Because it's Christmas the whole Afflecks gang will be opening up for an 'After Dark' session this Thursday - giving you extra time to buy all of those gifts for your family. You can buy your mum a pair of thigh length kinky boots, your dad a new piercing for his nipple, your sister an original 1977 Star Wars figure and your brother a KitKat from Japan. There'll be exclusive discounts, mulled wine sampling, live art and DJ sets too. Click below to RSVP for FREE... RSVP   Swiftogeddon - The Taylor Swift Club Night @ Gorilla Friday 29th November This is a Taylor Swift night. There's not much else I can say really. If you like her - go. If you don't - don't. Instead - here's a playlist of her tunes to keep you amused until Friday... Buy Tickets