Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 31st August - 6th Sept 2019

Including... a Festival of Manchester, Sylvester Stallone, WestFest & Scottish Gin (with oysters)

By Ben Brown | August 30th '19

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Westfest 2019 Saturday 31st August As a man who lives in Stretford, and Levenshulme and Fallowfield before that I'm really rather jealous of anyone who lives in West Didsbury and have been for a good while now. It's not because they have easy access to the Bao Buns at Volta. It's not because they can glug smashed avocado from Another Heart To Feed every Saturday and it's not because there's a great quiz on their doorstep every Tuesday at The Railway. Nah, it's those house prices innit! My word - there's some serious till flying around there. Oh, and there's also WestFest which just so happens to be this weekend (of course). Again there's way too much stuff going on to list here, but expect offers, parties, live music, balloons, cute dogs and plenty of fizz. Click the button below to see everything that's happening. More Info   Festival of Manchester Saturday 31st August This event in Platt Field Park is described in its glossy brochure as "a festival for the people of Manchester by the people of Manchester, celebrating all that is great about the city" and after a quick flick through the rest of the pamphlet it looks like it's going to be a great day for all the family. There's a ton of stuff going on including the Lakeside Market with crafts galore, street food stalls, workshops, performances, live music, dancing and loads more that I can't really list here. Your best bet? Click the button below to go straight to a PDF of the programme and read it before bed tonight... More Info   Denim & Art Saturday 31st August A collaboration between two creatives; one who enjoys art and the other one who enjoys err... denim (obviously) - this event in Sale this Saturday is the perfect union between sturdy double wept fabric and a whole manner of things that constitutes 'art' - which is basically everything. This mini marketplace will feature a whole host of creators and artists, selling their wares and providing a range of services should you need anything mending, fixing or improving. There'll be vintage clothing, candles, homewares and more. Head on down and get yourself something nice, or perhaps see about getting 'Love Machine' in studs on the back of that denim jacket you never wear? More Info   Solomons 4th Birthday Party Saturday 31st August One of Withington's most prized possessions (alongside Wilderness, Canadian Charcoal Grill and Pasha of course), cafe/bar/club/hang-out spot Solomons turns 4 this week and even though I'm pretty sure it's been there for MUCH longer, the celebration must be for when it changed hands and got a lot better than it ever was before. Starting at 8pm you should expect plenty of drinks offers, music, general debauchery and of course - birthday cake which you may or may not start to throw around the venue in a Hook-style fashion. Maybe not. More Info   The Social Service with Metrodome Saturday 31st August Metrodome will be heading to The Greatstone Hotel this Saturday and it's going to be a biggie. In case you don't know where that is, here's a description for you from my head. You know where the big stone entrance to Gorse Hill Park is on Chester Road? Well just to the side of it is a massive big old house-looking thing which sort of resembles the Addams Family's gaff - that's the Greatstone Hotel. The gig will be in there from 9pm. Enjoy. More Info   Manchester Gaming Market Sunday 1st September No matter what anyone says - they're a fan of games. Even the coolest cat, wearing a leather jacket and smoking two tabs will have to admit at some point that they had a Game Boy as a kid and fucking loved it. Well, everyone is cordially invited to head on down to the Sugden Centre off Oxford Road this Sunday for the Manchester Gaming Market, an emporium of retro video games, board games and more where you're sure to find that obscure game you used to play on family holidays to Tenerife as a kid. Tickets are only £4 too. Buy Tickets   Niamos & Hulme Garden Centre Bazaar Sunday 1st September As a kid one of my worst memories was getting dragged around a stinking garden centre on a Sunday by my mam and dad, my dad pretending he wasn't hungover to shit and buying some nails so he could savage some decking in the backyard and my mum pretending she wasn't hungover and buying some plants for the front yard so she could get away from my dad for a few precious minutes. Me and my sister on the other hand complained and whinged until one of them bought us an ice cream and even then - it was shite. Nowadays though I'm a fan - not only can you buy tomato seeds so you can grow your own bolognaise, but Niamos & Hulme Garden Centre get together sometimes and offer up stalls of "quirky curiosities and bohemian treasures." Nice. More Info   Local Produce Cocktails at Wilderness Bar + Kitchen Monday 2nd September After a recent visit to Wilderness in the NQ to try out their cocktails I can personally guarantee that they are absolutely bloody fantastic. Innovative and tasty, if you haven’t had chance to get yourself upstairs and give some (or all) of them a try - you need to sort it out. A great opportunity will be this Monday as they host a special 'Local Produce' event with Ketel One, who have challenged Wilderness to come up with a series of one-off cocktails featuring produce from the local area. So they’ve scooped up some of the honey from Manchester Cathedral, spoken to that fella down in Moss Side who makes the cider (Moss Cider!) and others to come up with a super-duper menu for you all to taste. The event will be from 5pm - 10pm and I'm assured there'll be some free nibbles knocking about. Wilderness Bar & Kitchen, 30-32, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1ER   6 Scottish Oysters and 6 Scottish Gins at Randall & Aubin Thursday 5th September The Scottish absolutely bloody love gin by the looks of it - with 70% of all of it produced in the UK coming from up there. And they're damn good at making it too - meaning Scottish gins are some of the best in the world, probably down to the fact that they got so much practise in when making whiskey. Well for £25 you can head on over to Randall & Aubin this Thursday to try 6 different Scottish gins alongside 6 fresh Scottish oysters. A night of pure indulgence and extravagance. Buy Tickets   Canal-side Pop-up Jazz @ Middlewood Locks Thursday 5th September This Thursday begins a full month of pop-up jazz events on the canal side down at new housing development Middlewood Locks in Salford. Legendary jazz institution Matt & Phred's are curating the whole thing so you should expect only the best, and local beer producers Seven Brothers will be on hand to keep things lubricated with lager and ale. There'll also be FREE street food to the first 100 people who rock up so get yourselves down from 6.30pm this Thursday and then every Thursday throughout September. More Info   Hang Out With Dylan LeBlanc Thursday 5th September Before writing this I had no idea who Dylan LeBlanc was but not I'm all clued up and in the know - and so I suppose I'm now obliged to head on down to Wilderness in the NQ to chat to him when he's in town this week. Thursday sees him head to the venue with his instruments, his voice box and most likely a hat to perform some songs, sign some records and generally have a nice chat with all of his fans. He's coming all the way from Louisiana so you might as well get up off your arse and walk the 100m to Wilderness and say hi. If you don't know who he is - listen to this and let him know what you think... More Info   An Experience with Sylvester Stallone Friday 6th September "Hey, you know Adrian? Hey? You know, I've had a conversation with a closed door, you know?!" Well, sometimes writing this feels a little bit like Rocky, trying to talk to Adrian as she's stormed off and locked herself in her room because she's shy as shit. I suppose it might be how Sylvester Stallone feels this week as he stands in the GMEX in front of hundreds of fans and regales them with the stories of his career. Stories that probably include opening up Planet Hollywood with Bruce Willis and Arnie, starring in soft porn in the 70's and of course - winning a shiny Oscar in 1977 for Best Picture for the first Rocky. I wonder if he'll be staying in Manchester after the gig? Maybe I'll take him to Crazy Pedro's or something for a Pepperoni and some cocktails? Buy Tickets