Best Things to do in Manchester this week: 8th – 14th June 2019

Including Parklife, Manchester Rum Festival, World Gin Day & our very own Quiz!

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June
Even though this year seems like it’s going to be a wash out in terms of the weather, there’s still no denying that Parklife is going to be a big mucky knees up with the added benefit of a load of top acts to dance to. It’s highly likely that the whole of Heaton Park will become a huge Bog of Stench by around 2pm on Saturday but you can still get involved with the likes of Solange, The Streets, George Ezra and loads more. I’ve heard from a few little birdies that there’ll also be a couple of BIG surprises in store but don’t let anyone know that I told you that – I don’t want to get a visit from the Parklife heavies tonight and get my legs broke.

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World Gin Day
Saturday 8th June
Possibly the most popular drink in the entire world, gin has seen a massive resurgence in recent years, especially since the bizzies relaxed the laws on distilling and making it about 10 years ago. Since then everyone has been making the stuff, including my own mother who decided to infuse her old tea towels with some juniper berries and some grit from the garden and ended up making the prizewinning gin in the National Gin Awards 2018. This Saturday is World Gin Day and as such most establishments in the city are offering some kind of special deal on the good stuff including The Bay Horse who will be selling Double G&Ts for a fiver ALL DAY and The Counter House in Ancoats who are doing a lovely bit of BOGOF action with every gin sold.

11 of the Best Gin Parlours in Manchester


Manchester Rum Festival 2019
Saturday 8th June
Even though it’s on World Gin Day, this Rum Festival should still be a very enjoyable experience for anyone who decides to pop their shoes on and head on down. Held at the Brickworks under Barton Arcade, there promises to be over 100 different rum brands to get your tongue into, as well as the odd food vendor to get your teeth into. My personal best bit is the fact that there’ll be an on-site shop run by the brilliant Marigot Bay Bar in Altrincham where you can buy some rum to take home and swig (responsibly) in bed on a Sunday morning while watching old Spiderman cartoons. Tickets are 20 sheets and that will get you into the festival and also a ton of free samples.

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Northern Quarter Makers Market
Sunday 9th June
I’ve walked through this market countless times but never stopped to have a look around – mostly because I’d end up spending a shit ton of money on all of the little trinkets, bits of art and lovely bits of food. So I just power through like a horse with blinkers on – not even stopping to tie my shoelaces just in case I get chatting to a lovely person and end up spending £50 I don’t have. You should totally go for it though – you’re probably much better with money than I am and don’t need to sell sexual favours in order to make it right through to pay day like me. Anyway, enough of that, this market is held in Stevenson Square on Sunday – enjoy.


Streets Ahead at Platt Fields
Sunday 9th June
While a lot of people with glitter on their faces will be dancing around Heaton Park, Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield will play host to another festival – just a little smaller and a bit more family friendly. Picnic in the Park will feature a host of street theatre, music and performance all day on Sunday, as well as some cabaret, puppetry and strangely an actual wedding ceremony that you can get involved in. There’ll also be some lovely street food vendors, or you can just take some butties from home and eat them while pottering around. Don’t fall in the lake though – I did that once and it wasn’t funny.

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Backstreet Boys @ Manchester Arena
Monday 10th June
Backstreet is Back. Alright?

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Manchester’s Finest takes over Quingo @ Electrik
Tuesday 11th June
Every Tuesday at Electrik a bloke called Chris dons a glittery jacket and tries his bloody hardest to make the unlikely mash up of a pub quiz and bingo work. And you know what? He succeeds. Quingo is brilliant – 3 rounds of questions interspersed with a couple of games of bingo, top prizes and the odd surprise – there’s no way you won’t enjoy yourself. Well, Chris is off on his jollies next week, so while he is sunning himself up in Skegness Ben Brown is taking over the quizmaster duties for one week only. I won’t be wearing a glitter jacket (because it won’t fit me) but I will be trying my hardest to make the best quiz and bingo mash up even bloody better. Come on down, say hello and give it a try – it’s FREE!

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Abstract Orchestra Does MF Doom @ Band on the Wall
Wednesday 12th June
Steven Pankhurst and myself once got all giddy about an MF Doom concert at Warehouse Project, turned up late and bloody missed him. Actually, I think we managed to catch his last song – but we were so deflated that we couldn’t really enjoy it and if I’m being honest – MF himself seemed to have zoned out and was phoning it in. He must have been disappointed not to see us in the crowd when he first stepped on stage. Well, we have a second chance to catch a bit of MF this week, well, sort of as Abstract Orchestra hit up Band on the Wall and play all of his hits with classical instruments. Just don’t turn up late.

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Rotterdam @ Opera House
From Thursday 13th June
A bit of culture for you here in the form of a lovely bit of theatre at the Opera House. Starting on Thursday, Rotterdam tells the story of Alice and her girlfriend Fiona who now identifies as a man and has started living as Adrian. It’s all rather complicated to try and explain – especially for an idiot like me but in essence it’s a darkly comedic look into all the issues surrounding gender and sexuality. The production was a big hit on the West End and that lot down there know what they’re talking about when it comes to theatre – so it must be good.

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Levenshulme Reggae Night Market
Friday 14th June
Putting a summer twist on the classic Levvy Night Market, this Friday sees them break out the Jerk seasoning, pop some Bob Marley on the jukebox and that’s about all I can think of when it comes to broad stereotypes. You get the idea though – it’ll be the usual brilliance of the Levenshulme Night Market mixed with reggae – so expect some brilliant Caribbean BBQ food, loads of rum and plenty of top tunes. Hopefully the weather will hold up and there will be some sun to add to all of the good vibes.

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Sham Bodie @ Fairfield Social Club
Friday 14th June
It’s been over a year since Sham Bodie had a show in Manchester so if you’ve got a shite memory and can’t remember what it’s all about – get ready for some knowledge. If you do remember it all then you can just proceed to the next ‘Thing to do’. Thank you. Well, for all you forgetful sods, Sham Bodie is a comedy night where you’re treated to 4 comedians – all telling jokes and that – alongside music and FREE hotdogs at half time. All for just a tenner. Remember now?!

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