Have some bevvies and save the NHS at the same time with "Cheers to the Carers!"

A new fundraising effort looks to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

By Manchester's Finest | 30 April 2020

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There are a lot of fundraising efforts which, unfortunately, I just won’t get involved in. For example, some poor woman decided to run for 26 hours the other day to raise money – forget that – I wouldn’t even run for 26 minutes for charity!

What I will do though is drink. I mean, it seems to be the only thing I have actually done while on lockdown, so this new fundraising initiative is right up my street.

It’s called ‘Cheers to the Carers’ and is looking to raise money for NHS Charities Together by asking you to do one think – have a drink and pay for it. Here’s the idea…

1. Pour yourself a drink
2. Donate what you’d be willing to pay for it in your favourite bar
3. Nominate as many friends as you’d like to join you for a drink – they nominate their friends and family, and so on.

Nice and simple and you can get hammered while you’re doing it. Win Win.

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