How you can support your independents this Record Store Day

A day where dozens of our iconic bars, live music venues, skate shops and so many more usually spill onto our streets for one massive party. I’m not crying, you are.

By Manchester's Finest | 16 April 2020

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This Saturday, the 18th of April, was set to be Record Store Day, and what an absolute belter it would have been.

The dream. A day when the atmosphere in and around our Northern Quarter is unrivalled. Full of optimism, cheery strangers, day drinking and zero negative thoughts.


Record Store Day may not be as we were expecting this year, but Manchester’s sense of community could never be cancelled.

Record Store Day UK have just launched their #RSDFillTheGap initiative to celebrate the original Record Store Day date.

As we know, many of our independent shops and record stores are solely relying on their online platforms amid the coronavirus lockdown, ultimately facing an uphill struggle to keep their businesses running.

The #RSDFillTheGap initiative aims to encourage record lovers all over the country to show their support for their local record store by pledging to buy the one record that’s truly missing from their collection.

So why not fill the gap with the album that’s always been on the wishlist, that album you’ve been waiting to be released, that record that really needs replacing or the one you’ve just never been able to dig out and find.

This time of the year is where our indie record shops get to celebrate the unique culture and community of Manchester. So let’s do what us Mancs do best and support local.

There will also be a range of programming and artist interviews on April the 18th from BBC 6 Music (link) in support of Record Store Day – don’t miss it!

Head over to your indie record store of choice, and don’t forget to share your pledged album using the hashtag #RSDFillTheGap.

Our independents have never needed us more. Have a little fun with this one, keep up the support – and we’ll have a massive party when this is all over.

Piccadilly Records

53 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JR

Vinyl Exchange

18 Oldham St, Manchester, M1 1JN

Vinyl Revival

5 Hilton Street, Manchester, M4 1LP

Eastern Bloc Records

5A Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DN

Wilderness Record Store

9 Egerton Crescent, Manchester , M20 4PN

Endless Music

377 Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1QA