Christmas Gift Guide: With Love Project MCR

The alternative department store pop-up is the perfect place to pick up some cracking presents this Christmas.

By Ben Brown | 13 December 2019

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A unique six-week pop-up in NOMA, With Love is an alternative department store housing a range of products from story-led brands and creative companies.

There’s one off pieces of furniture; British made trainers; tea hampers from an English tea plantation; lamps made in Manchester; Seaweed infused Rum from Wales; and glasses from Scotland. And here are our favourite bits…


Blue Bowl by Gillies Jones (£160)

Who buys a bowl!? Well, one look at this cheeky little blue number and I immediately wanted it. It’s made by Gillies and Jones whose pieces are made in Yorkshire the traditional way, just as glass was prior to the Industrial Revolution. Just knowing that this has been blown by an actual human is enough to warrant it being on your list to Santa.


DO/ Bee-Keeping: The Secret to Happy Honeybees by Orren Fox (£8.99)

Based in Shoreditch, the Do Book Company is an independent publisher producing a series of inspirational pocket guides for creatives. There’s quite a few on offer at With Love but this one about keeping honeybees is certainly a winner. Keeping those industrious little black and yellow creatures is great for the environment and there’s always that nice little Manchester link in there too.


Captain Cat’s Môr Seasoning Seafood Spice Rub (£4.50)

All the way from the Pembrokeshire coast comes this seafood spice rub which is the perfect present for any aspiring chefs or wannabe Rick Steins. It’s pretty much to go-to seasoning for any fish dish – adding an explosion of flavour with smoked paprika, dried lemon peel and seaweed. It doesn’t just have to be used on seafood though – it’s also rather excellent sprinkled on cheese on toast and on your chips.


12″ Hardened Industrial Shears (£190)

What? A big pair of bloody scissors?! Who the hell wants them?! Well, actually I do and as one of Manchester’s most premier seamstresses these big beauties would be perfect when I’m messing around with my sewing machine. So, if you know anyone who’s into their sewing – these will be great – you can’t find them in any high street or chain stores and will last around a million years.


Walsh Trainers (from £115)

The Bolton based Walsh have been making trainers since the 60’s and they’re made to last. They’re simple, stylish and above all else – mega comfortable. Why bother spending a couple of hundred quid on some sneaks that have been shoddily put together in a factory in some snide 3rd world country when you can have some proper British craftsman (and woman) ship.


With Love Book (£20)

The With Love Project has been going for the last 5 years – meeting inspiring, brave and visionary people so that they can tell their stories on film, in images and in words. These two books are the culmination of all of their hard work – impressive works outlining all of these stories and insights. There’s no better present that a book for Christmas – especially when it looks this good!


Estate Selection Gift Set from Tregothnan (£25)

This nice little box set is perfect for your mam or your nan – featuring all of her favourite things from Cornish tea suppliers Tregothnan. There’s biscuits, Plum Jam, Apple Marmalade and Honey that’s been harvested from the hives on their estate. Finally, there’s 8 sachets of their most popular tea blends in there too.


Banton Frameworks Sunglasses (£135)

The only reason these glasses are included in this guide is because I want them. I want them A LOT. So, if anyone is reading this and wants to buy me something nice – get these please. Thanks. They’re made by Banton Frameworks in Glasgow – a company that abides by 3 key principles: Designed well, made well, and in the UK. They’ll last forever I bet.

There is, of course, lots and lots more in With Love, so get yourself down there if you’re still looking for some pressies for your loved ones.


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