We devour the luxurious Festive Menu at Dakota Grill

Dakota's Festive Menu is here and boy is it good. Filled with everything you could ever dream of for Christmas and plenty more where that came from.

By Alex Watson | 20 December 2019

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We went down to try the Festive Roast Dinner at the Dakota Grill and were also treated to a delicious and boozy chocolate dessert!

First thing you notice as you nestle into your table at Dakota, is the dark and incredibly cosy setting that welcomes you. Soundtracked by modern music you are encapsulated and transported to an area of contemporary, mysterious opulence.

The Grill, like the hotel, is an effortlessly chic brasserie-style restaurant. The Festive Menu is filled with seasonally-led delights and plenty of options beyond classic Christmas dishes.

The 3-course menu kicks off with a choice between Argyll Smoked Salmon; Chicken Liver Parfait; Goat’s Cheese and White Onion & Parmesan Soup. The Chicken Liver and Salmon quickly devoured and enjoyed – we were here for that Christmas Dinner and we were not looking to be disappointed…

We’re always keen to keep it classic and so choosing the Roast Turkey Dinner was a no-brainer.

The thick-sliced turkey that is served with all the trimmings including a gravy so delicious you wonder if it’s better than your mums (it definitely is). It’s thick, shiny and has a scarily good pour. Cover all the trimmings including, crispy goose fat potatoes, parsnips, green beans and a pig in a blanket in lashings of this gravy and you will not want it to end.

If by now you’re sick of Turkey, you have to try the Roast Beef. Served slightly charred around the edge and seriously pink in the middle with all the trimmings as before on the side. There’s also the extra delicious addition of a crispy (and huge) Yorkshire Pudding.

Some people don’t have Yorkshire Pudding’s on there Christmas Dinner – those people are mad.

We also need to give a special shout out to sprouts. They’ve got a bad rep but in recent years, the abundance of different recipes popping up has been more than welcomed.

Sprouts are easy to do wrong, a few seconds over-boiled and you’ve got yourself a mushy mess. Luckily, Dakota knows exactly what they’re doing. Served shredded with Chestnut mushrooms and plenty of seasoning. An absolute knock-out covered in gravy.

As much as I love roasts – and I seriously do love roasts – I think sometimes people forget that this time of year doesn’t just mean roasting everything. You can still have delicious seasonal dishes without a single roasted item.

On the alternative menu to roasts, dig into a perfectly cooked Tortellini with butternut squash, sage, peeled tomatoes and plenty of parmesan cheese sprinkled on the top.

You could also try Autumnal Salmon Fillet served skin-on on a bed of Hollandaise sauce with tenderstem broccoli and spinach.

The dessert menu includes a choice of Christmas Pudding; Vanilla Cheesecake; Crème Brûlée and of course a delectable, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate and Orange Mousse.

Christmas is completely taken care of at Dakota. It would be damn-near impossible to feel stress in this setting, all you need to do is simply sit back and relax and let yourself unwind for the New Year ahead knowing you’re safely surrounding by amazing food, incredible drinks and all in a beautiful setting.

And after that, head to the Champagne Room or even the Cigar Terrace for a Christmas Treat. I promise you won’t regret it.

Dakota are also serving up a fantastic Christmas Day Menu (£95) featuring a choice from the menu above and the addition of a Christmas Refresher and Tea and Coffee.


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