This Didsbury Chip Shop has created a Deep Fried Christmas Dinner!

The ultimate AND festive Chippy Tea is here...

By Alex Watson | 10 December 2019

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The Chippy on Burton Road, famous for wildly imaginative specials on its menu including the deep-fried gherkin, has one upped itself this year with the introduction of none other than an entire DEEP FRIED Christmas Dinner. 

This time of year sees an abundance of Christmas Dinners, it is no longer just a one-day thing. You’ve got Christmas with the in-laws, with your friends, real Christmas, leftover Christmas Dinner, the list goes on. 

With that being said, the list looks a little boring – bog-standard Christmas Dinner? NAH! Chuck it in a deep at frier. Now you’re talking. 

I don’t know why it’s taken until now for someone to create this – we love anything dunked in batter and dipped in boiling oil, don’t we?!

It is the epitome of over-indulgence and will probably have you sweating.

On the menu is: Deep Fried Brie & Cranberry Parcels; Pig in a Duvet; Battered Stuffing Balls; Turkey & Stuffing Patty; Deep Fried Sprouts; Deep Fried Christmas Pudding; and Homemade Mulled Cider.

You can opt for any of the naughty but nice bite-size bits from Pig in a Duvet to battered Brussel Sprouts or go all out and try the Blow Out Christmas Platter served with a hell of a lot of chips and lashings of gravy one entire veggie platter and one entire meat platter. 

The Christmas Menu is available now until 5th January 2020 and I’m gonna say right now – you do not want to miss out. 


The Deep Fried Christmas Dinner

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