Finest Day Out: King Street

King Street is easily one of the prettiest streets in Manchester with all of those decadent buildings but there's also plenty of amazing restaurants and bars.

By Alex Watson | 10 January 2020

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If you’re wanting to spend a full day on King Street well you’re in luck – because there’s loads for you to do. Eat, drink, play darts, do a bit of shopping – this street has everything and more.

Eat & Drink

Probably for the best – any trip exploring King Street should start at the top – up near Hotel Gotham where you’ll find a few select beauties in which to spend some cash…

Get your glad rags on and head to Rosso for a big night in some serious style. It’s perfect for a big old special occasion where you can sip on a delicious cocktail in a grand building and get the perfect Inst. If your date flops or your birthday is a washout, what is guaranteed is bumping into someone mildly famous, and that always makes for a nice tale in the morning doesn’t it?!

Rosso, 43 Spring Gardens, Manchester


Grand Pacific
Up above King Street tucked away in a Grade II listed building is an opulent restaurant and bar. It’s chic and definitely luxurious but don’t be mistaken, it’s perfectly relaxed and fantastic for a date night. Plus they’ve got 50% off throughout January and the food is delicious.

Grand Pacific, 50 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 1EN


The place for delicious and reasonably priced food that will leave you happy, full and ready to carry on your mooch down King Street. If you’ve never heard of it I’m not sure where you’ve been, this restaurant has had a Channel 4 documentary and hit the news for a record-breaking Crowdfund effort.

Kala, 55 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ


Flight Club
If you’ve yet you have a night out at Flight Club, you really are missing out. It’s taken the best thing about any old labour club (darts), brought it into the digital world and added pizza and Prosecco. What more do you really need for a successful big night out other than pizza, darts and Prosecco? Because I struggle to think of anything. Book in advance though – this place gets chocker. 

Flight Club, Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester M2 4WU


San Carlo
Now pretty much a Manchester staple, San Carlo is a must-visit on any trip to King Street – of not for their food then for a cheeky little Campari soda and an explore of their really rather impressive restaurant. You’ll find that there has been all manner of celebrities who have visited – a fact they plaster all over the walls for all to see. San Carlo is a truly unique experience – and the food is pretty spectacular too.

San Carlo, 40-42 King St W, Manchester M3 2WY



King Street is pretty famous for it’s shops, and although it’s probably past it’s heyday of the mid to late 90’s – there are still some decent places to go for some top notch clobber and accessories.

Pretty Green
I might just be the worst Mancunian to ever exist because I’ve never stepped foot in here. I’m also a girl so it’s not exactly tailored to me. BUT, I’m told it’s a bloody gorgeous shop with amazing interiors and definitely worth a visit. Even if you just wanna get somewhere Liam Gallagher may have stood. 

Pretty Green, 81 King St, Manchester M2 4AH


Jones & Co
Around 2 years ago I began my office-working life, within 2 months I needed glasses. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. And I’m sure you know what a terrible experience glasses shopping is. Whether it’s the horrific bright white lights that make you look like Shrek or the same boring frame in 20 different colours. Whatever it is, Jones & Co is NOT that. It’s like a bloody boutique hotel in there for a start and you will have never felt so boujee – let me tell you! And all that before the glasses, which come after an intense and unique 45-minute consultation you won’t find anywhere else. 

Jones and Co. Styling Opticians, 82 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ


The Patagonia Manchester store is not just a shop filled with bubble coats and walking boots, in fact there’s a huge space available for hire. You’ll often find some weird and wonderful things happening, whether its a sewing machinist fixing your clothes, a yoga class or even a film showing.

Patagonia, 51 King St, England M2 7AZ


You’ll also find some rather impressive retailers offering all manner of goodies. There’s The White Company, Charles Tyrwhitt selling shirts, shoes from Jones Bootmaker, Cath Kidston, Belstaff and some old classics from Diesel.


‘Tapas Alley’

One peculiar thing to note with King Street is that it features a disproportiate amount of tapas restaurants. Like – good ones. You could probably call it ‘Tapas Alley’ because there’s plenty on offer…

La Bandera
A firm favourite in the Finest office, and again, the option for tapas which I’m HERE for. What you absolutely must try is the Negro de Calamares con Gambas, a black rice with quid ink dish filled with fresh squid and King Prawns. They’re also offering a fab 50% OFF all day from Sunday – Friday throughout January. And that, you cannot complain about.

La Bandera, 2 Ridgefield, Manchester M2 6EQ


El Gato
One of the greatest pressures I find for eating out is the menu. I don’t like reading them, I don’t like the design of most and I hate deciding what to eat. This is why tapas is the best food to ever be invented. No decisions required, get a bit of everything and pile your plate up with little bits of deliciousness. Winner. El Gato is also probably one of the best Spanish tapas places in Manchester.

El Gato Negro, 52 King St, Manchester M2 4LY


Image result for tast manchester

There’s an abundance of tapas restaurants in Manchester and seemingly a good chunk of them have congregated on King Street. This honestly doesn’t dampen the spirits of either of them and in fact, they are all equally bloody fantastic. Tast, however, is led by Executive Chef Paco Pérez, who is also responsible for 7 restaurants and 5 Michelin stars. It’s tapas, but it’s fine dining.

Tast Cala, 20-22 King St, Manchester M2 6AG


Into the Night…

Lower King Street is the bit just after corssing Deansgate – and there’s plenty going on here too. By this point it should be getting pretty late, which is perfect because these places are open ’til VERY late…

(I know that they’re not technically King Street but who really cares?!)

The Liars Club
The city’s best tiki bar and club, there’s never a dull moment in The Liars Club – especially with all that rum knocking about. Their cocktail menu is a thing of absolute beauty – featuring an eclectic range of rum cocktails – and their Zombie will blow your bloody socks off! Tunes can vary but by this point you won’t really remember them. Just have some cocktails, have a dance and relish the hangover in the morning.

The Liars Club, 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB


Crazy Pedro’s
Who doesn’t like pizza? Who doesn’t like tequila? The answer to both is of course NOBODY! The best New York style pizza in the city – Crazy Pedro’s offer up some truly weird and wonderful toppings including a Big Mac pizza, a Chippy Tea pizza and their World-Famous Hot Dog pizza which even the shyest hermits know about. It’s open until 4am and they serve slices to tipsy punters right up until then. It’s brilliant – you should definitely visit.

Crazy Pedro’s, 55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ