Get 10% OFF NQ64 Gift Vouchers for a night of Cocktails and Games Post-Lockdown 

The perfect excuse for a big night out when the doors swing open.

By Alex Watson | 20 November 2020

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One of the best ways to support those businesses that have been forced to close in lockdown and simply can’t move their offering online or takeaway, like NQ64, is to buy a voucher.

Not only do you support them while they’re shut but it gives you the perfect excuse to simply have to get down as soon as the doors open and lockdown is lifted.

Even better news, the vouchers start at just £6 – enough for 15 game tokens – AND we’ve got a 10% OFF code.

The gift cards launch tonight starting at £6 and go all the way up to 100 sheets, what a night to not remember that will be.

NQ64 might just be the perfect bar to ease your way back into life post lockdown. You can carry on playing video games only this time socialising with your mates and drinking a cocktail you didn’t attempt to make.

In terms of games, there’s Guitar Hero, OutRun, Point Blanc, X-Men (6 player!), Street Fighter II, Star Wars Arcade, Donkey Kong – they’ve even got a SNES, Mega Drive and a Nintendo 64 to mess about with.

While the games are great, it’s the cocktails that’ll have your ears pick up and mouth-watering.

There’s the tangy ‘Blanka‘ a concoction of tequila, midori, cucumber, lemon, apple and agave, the super-strong ‘Mad Max‘ with house rum, grapefruit, absinthe and lime and not forgetting the ‘Princess Peach‘ which is bubbly and fruity – much like the woman herself.

The 10% discount code can be added onto your order if you quote ‘MCRF10‘ when prompted. It is available November 20th to November 30th – so get in quick! 

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