Help Manchester's Vulnerable Population by Donating Your Old Phone

That old device of yours could provide a lifeline between vulnerable people and vital services, here’s how you can support…

By Manchester's Finest | April 7th '20

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Lifeshare is a voluntary organisation, providing a crisis-led service supporting young and vulnerable people amid Manchester's recent surge in homelessness. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, their team has had to take the very difficult decision to temporarily close down the Lifeshare office and breakfast project in order to slow the spread of the pandemic, devastatingly leaving many vulnerable people without critical support.

Judith Vickers of Lifeshare

This is where you can step in.  Lifeshare have just announced an appeal calling for your electronic donations including phones, tablets, power banks and charging cables. These vital donations will help Manchester’s vulnerable population to stay connected to digital services from both charities and the local council during lock-down, because nobody should be alone and without help If you are unable to donate an old device, please consider making a monetary or food & clothing donation. We’ve never needed each other more.  …………………………………………… PLEASE EMAIL GM-COVID@STREETSUPPORT.NET FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO DONATE YOUR DEVICE OR CHARGER. Please ensure your device is wiped and any sim-cards are removed before donation. Follow Lifeshare