How you can continue to support your independents through ANOTHER Tier 3

I don't think that came as much of a surprise to anyone really!

By Ben Brown | 26 November 2020

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Well, Greater Manchester is back in Tier 3. Without going into the politics around it, discussing ‘R’ rates and comparing them to other parts of the country that are in Tier 2 – that’s not going to get us anywhere. Let Andy Burnham fight it out.

What we can do is look at how you can still support your favourite independents during this time. As far as we’re aware – not much has changed between the national lockdown (2.0) and Tier 3 – so just keep doing what you’re doing really…

Bars & Restaurants can do TAKEAWAY & DELIVERY

Ciaooo Pizza

So, the takeaway and deliveries continue for the time being. As mentioned – there’s nowt really changed compared to the lockdown, so expect the independents doing their deliveries and takeaways to continue.

Being the helpful people we are, we’ve been collating our most favourite takeaways and deliveries over the past month or so – so check these out and get some fit food and booze delivered to your gaff…

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The gym is open again

So gyms and health centres are allowed to re-open (but group classes can’t go ahead). So that means you can get yourself out of the house and do some exercise – perfect for when there’s a ton of mince pies around every corner in the supermarkets.

This means that you can still support your local PT’s and gym operators whilst also staying healthy – both in your body and more importantly – your mind.

Shops are OPEN!

Plant Shop MCR

Retail shops are now allowed to re-open, a strategy that’s clearly aimed towards getting people to spend all of their hard-saved money in the run up to Christmas. As is usually the case, we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to shop at your local independent stores instead of lining Jeff Bezos’ pockets with even more gold bullion.

All of your favourite places will be back open again, and if they’re not, I can guarantee that they’ll have an online shop in which you can purchase their stuff. Perfect for Christmas…

Don’t let it ruin Christmas

Apparently we’re all going to be allowed 5 days ‘off’ over Christmas, where 3 families can mingle in a house and you can all argue over Trivial Pursuit whilst watching the Queen tell us how “hard it’s been” this year from her ivory tower.

We’re also not in Tier 3 forever, and hopefully by the 16th December we will be able to go out to our favourite bars and restaurants again. Many venues have in fact opened up their booking systems from then – so get yourself booked in – because the way this ‘R’ number is going – we will be out of Tier 3 in no time at all.

Stay safe x x