What I Miss the Most: A Proper Good Manchester Gig

"I can’t believe I’m going to have to stop bragging about how many good gigs I had lined up this year”

By Manchester's Finest | 20 April 2020

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In our new series we’re asking people what they’re missing the most while in lockdown and next up is Finest’s Content Creator Ciara Martin…

There are so many trivial things I’m missing right now and honestly, the city centre in general is taking the lead. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be wandering the streets of the Northern Quarter in this glorious sunshine. I mean, I’ve just shed a little tear thinking about it. 

I really miss my brother, and my friends. I miss downing our Aldi tinnies on the tram (naughty) into town and heading to our sixth gig of the month. 

Band On The Wall, Castlefield Bowl, Salford Lads Club, The Deaf Institute, Manchester Academy, Gorilla, YES, we had them all lined up this year.

Then there’s Sounds of the Other City, Dot to Dot, Neighbourhood Weekender, Parklife, Bluedot, Sounds in the City, Manchester Pride… all moving to 2021 a the earliest.


I mean, amidst the nightmare that has been 2020, you can’t deny the creativity. There’s been brand new music dropped early from new artists like Joy Crookes and live streamed gigs from babes like Celeste, but it’s just not enough. 

Of course there have already been some top streaming events from the likes of United We Stream, who are offering up some pretty big parties each and every week, but it’s just not the same.

I need pre-drinking some daft cocktail or a gin and Hooch at Crazy Pedro’s, I need Wolf At The Door’s £1 Baos to soak up the alcohol.

I need the mega rushed Uber ride to Old Trafford because we’re too young for the original WHP and didn’t realise that O2 Victoria Warehouse wasn’t actually in town and I NEED to finish the night off with a pissed up game of ping pong at Twenty Twenty Two.


So let me just close my eyes and pretend that Castlefield Bowl’s Sounds of the City is still going ahead. And that it’ll be 20 ish degrees. Please. Brb just crying again x