Immerse yourself in a future Totalitarian State with 2084 at Manchester Central Library

Taking place after the library shuts, the audience will be front and centre of a new theatre production about the future of society.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 12 March 2020

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This sounds pretty deep and I think it will be. This immersive theatre production will take the audience inside a future totalitarian state that monitors every act, word and thought of its citizens.

Blame social media and digital corporations, controlling everything we do, tracking it, analysing and influencing basically everything.

If you think about it for too long it hurts your brain.

The production 2084, is written by Adam Taub who hopes to provide a shocking vision of the future, exploring how fragile the ‘freedoms’ we take for granted are.

Designed specifically for Manchester Central Library, the extraordinary spaces will be utilised including the iconic circular meeting room. The show will also take place after dark, which immediately scares me to be honest, so it will definitely be pretty eerie already.

The unique production is directed by Joe Hufton (Secret Cinema, Alice’s Adventures Underground, Les Enfants Terrible) and features an original soundscape composed by Dom James (Bompass & Barr), as well as a live performance by Manchester soul singer, Charlie Cooper (Needs Must).


2084 at Manchester Central Library

When: Friday 22 November – Saturday 14 December 2019
Cost: £20

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Manchester Central Library, St Peter’s Square, Manchester, M2 5PD