Is Escape to Freight Island getting a Rooftop Swimming Pool!?

Is there set to be a swimming pool on the top of Freight Island...

By Ben Brown | 16 November 2021

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If you’ve been to Escape to Freight Island, or even Warehouse Project, likely unbeknown to you there’s actually a former Railway Station high above your head – one which was abandoned back in the 80’s and has been derelict ever since.

There are many stories of it being haunted. It’s a bit creepy up there, and the old station building was actually used for filming some scary old TV shows and movies back in the day.

Anyway, let’s get onto the real story here. Word has reached our ears that the owners of Escape to Freight Island are looking to develop the station into a ROOFTOP SWIMMING POOL – a proposal that is currently under discussion with the council.

I actually first heard of this a couple of years back when Freight Island first opened their doors. We were taken on a tour around the site, including the old station, and our guide mentioned the idea of a Lido being put in up there – and it’s always stuck with me.

Our artists’ impression of what the pool will look like (5* Photoshop skills)

Personally I think I’d be a great addition to the city, and Manchester as a whole. Since the destruction of the many Lido’s in the city’s parks back in the mid-20th Century – we’ve not really had anywhere to swim outside.

Sure, there was the manky Heaton Park Paddling Pool, and that ‘beach’ up in Todmorden, or even Sale Water Park – but it’s not the same. We WANT a proper swimming pool in Manchester – let’s hope this goes ahead!

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