The Letterbox Campaign to Send Kindness Viral

Kindness is contagious - pass it on. 

By Alex Watson | Last updated 26 March 2020

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Credit: Becky Wass.

The pandemic is continuing to hit the world seriously hard. Right now, people are isolated, many are beginning to feel the effects of loneliness and those in need are struggling to get out of the house to buy essential items.

It’s pretty easy to start to feel helpless as you chug your 13th coffee of the day and wonder whether you should do a bit more work or search for Sims cheat codes.

But you CAN do your bit to help. We’re currently, under the restrictions from the government, allowed to visit shops such as food to purchase essential items if you are fit and well to do so.

Becky Wass a lecturer from Cornwall designed a flier that can easily be filled in and dropped through the letterboxes of neighbours to help anyone who is self-isolating.

I’m sure you’ve seen these card circling on the internet but we’ve decided to put them right in your face so that everyone can get involved because the one thing the world needs more of right now is a bit of kindness.


Step 1: Wash your hands
Step 2: Fill in the form 
Step 3: Post through all your neighbours’ letterboxes 

And even if you don’t have a printer you can still get involved. Just write a handwritten note, draw a little heart and bob them through your neighbours’ letterboxes.

Becky Wass’ original Facebook post has now pretty much travelled to every corner of the world. The idea is simple: kindness is contagious – pass it on.