Love Factory: Manchester’s new independent cultural venue giving a home to local talent

The 89,000 sq ft multi-purpose venue promises to showcase a true reflection of Manchester culture through music, food, and arts-led events, putting a strong focus on local collaboration.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 27 October 2022

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Love Factory, a brand-new independent multi-purpose venue, have reinvented their industrial Green Quarter location into a forward-thinking space that will house a range of creative and innovative events.

Headed up by a team of local creatives, the venue is more than just another addition to the city’s burgeoning cultural landscape. It’s an investment in local talent and future progression of the city, reflective of the ever-evolving nature of the North West.

A 10-minute walk from Victoria Station will land you in a forgotten part of Manchester’s past, a built-up industrial corner of the city centre that will soon become an integral part of its future.

Sitting on Dantzic Street, Love Factory is an 11,300 sq ft centre-piece warehouse providing a perfect setting for live music events, exhibitions, art fairs and theatre productions.

The second internal warehouse dubbed Motorworks will offer an on-site black-box studio to deliver 360 degree visual and sound experiences, immersive supper clubs and captivating catwalk shows. Available for hire, the flexible space is perfect for brand activations and feature shoots.

Courtyard is the place for food festivals and open-air parties. The adjoining Scrapyard, plucked straight from a movie set wasteland, is nestled beneath some of the north’s busiest railway lines, and significantly expands outdoor capacity. Whilst the iconic Watchtower — a mysterious vertical bunker — looks out across the lot. Once used by factory staff to check deliveries in and out, this will now house an elevated DJ booth with summer BBQ parties, daytime raves and street food festivals playing out below.

The first confirmed event for the space is a high-energy screening of this year’s World Cup with a Love Factory spin on it which they are giving first access tickets to people who sign up. A unique setting for the Winter event, guests will get a glimpse into the magnitude of the venue, setting a benchmark for its impressive programme of future events.

Set among 35 acres of land green-lit for a major new place-making project, a surrounding neighbourhood of 15,000 homes and businesses is already under construction, transforming this once-forgotten corner of town into an invaluable asset. Love Factory’s mission is to create a fresh blueprint for how to take that industrious history, and make it thrive in the 21st Century.

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