How to make... Simon Wood's ULTIMATE Arrabbiata Sauce

It's divided marriages, families and even nations. The humble spicy tomato sauce...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 6 April 2020

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After working closely with Italian teenagers for over 8 years I discovered a few valuable things.

One is that even without a pan or hob, they’ll still try and cook pasta at around 10pm on an evening – usually in the kettle – causing some pretty spectacular mess along the way.

Another is that they believe British food to be quite possibly the worst in the world, a factor which I had considerable difficulty hearing, especially as a person who has been to Russia on more than 4 occasions.

And finally, Mamma always does best. With cooking that is.

Italians have no qualms in judging you by the quality of your tomato sauce, and so if you’re struggling to make your tomatoes really pop, sick of watery, bland sludge on your pasta – read on as Simon Wood presents his ULTIMATE Arriabata Sauce…

So let’s give it a go…

Simon Wood’s Ultimate Arriabata Sauce