Manchester is getting an air-filtering bus

The new buses will clean the air of toxic pollutants and help the city reach its clean city goals.

By Alex Watson | 18 February 2020

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Whatever bus route you know like the back of your hand, I’m pretty sure we all know the craziness of Piccadilly Gardens at around 5:12pm.

I only recently moved into the city centre, away from my heavenly suburbia at me mam’s where the curbs have grassy patches along the side, trees actually exist etc etc etc… You know the drill. Naturally, one big thing I noticed was how quickly the outside of my windows literally turned black.

Bloody pollution.

Around 2 years ago a report found that air pollution in Manchester was lethal and illegal with 181 people dying every year due to toxic air.

The council has since pledged ambitious efforts to help reduce this. Whether that be the free city bus making it easier to trek to work from the station in the rain rather than drive to your office parking or increasing the bus and cycle lanes throughout the city.

Well this year, following a successful trial period in Southampton, Manchester is going to be welcoming ‘BlueStar breathe’ buses which suck pollutant particles through special filters in efforts to tackle air pollution and improve air quality.

The air filters will be fitted to a number of buses in Manchester, Newcastle, Brighton, Oxford, Plymouth and Crawley.

The trial period saw 65g of pollutants sucked from the air in a 100-day period. The buses are designed to aid councils to improve their air pollution and explore clean air initiatives.